Paper and Ink for Legacy Plotters

dropsOrdering Plotter Paper and Inks for Old Legacy Engineering Printers

Do you have an old HP Designjet plotter that needs a specific type of paper? If so, you are not alone. There are many business owners seeking out a specific type of paper, and because HP no longer sells some of the legacy models like the HP Designjet 500 series, you might not be able to find the paper rolls or inks for this type of plotter. While the newest engineering plotters have hit the market and they handle a wider variety of materials in terms of image-rich and full-color documents, we understand the importance of keeping a reliable and old HP Designjet operating when possible. That is why we offer a wide selection of supplies for ink cartridges and plotter paper. We want our customers to find what they are looking for.

Before you buy supplies, check to see if the plotter uses pigment inks or dye. This is important because dye will produce a more vivid and lively color display while a pigment ink has been developed for the types of projects that need protection from the elements like outdoor signs and art prints. The vast majority of your older legacy Designjet printers will use a pigment ink. If you have a popular legacy printer, check that the supplies will be compatible with your dye inks.

When looking at paper rolls, keep in mind that many of the old legacy plotters will not be able to handle a thicker material over nine mil. The problem with some of the older legacy engineering printers is that sometimes, your choices will be limited. Are you unsure of whether a graphics material or photo paper will work with your printer? If so, consult with your owner’s manual. You can also contact the knowledgeable experts at United Reprographic for further information. We can also help you to upgrade from your old engineering printer.

How to Avoid Big Problems with Engineering Plotters

oce_colorwave500The Biggest Problem of an Old Engineering Plotter: Can It Sustain Your Business Demands?

If you have had a reliable and trustworthy old engineering plotter in your arsenal for the last five to six years, that is fantastic. Here at United Reprographic, we can provide you with the plotter rolls and inks that will keep it functional. However, have you ever considered adding a new engineering plotter to the team? A lot like how old computers get replaced with the newer models, wide format engineering printers have changed for CAD, GIS and technical printing. The needs have evolved and improved beyond what we saw in the earlier stages of these printers.

What does a new wide format printer bring to the table? The newer models can handle a greater variety of thicknesses in the material, and they produce a higher resolution for imaging and complex designs. That is crucial if you are trying to impress a new and important client. In addition, the new HP PageWide plotters have better compatibility with the newer operating systems, and the security features guarantee that you have better protection. Other desirable features might include wireless and remote printing and touchscreens. It depends on what you want for an engineering plotter, and the tasks that you plan to assign it.

Ultimately, locating the best plotter for your business will depend on how you plan to use it. For example, do you mostly want it for replicating detailed line drawings? Will your prints mostly include full-color pictures, logos and graphics? Understanding these aspects in advance can help you to decide on the type of printer that suits your needs. An old plotter can slow down your company without you even realizing it. In terms of cost, everything was less efficient a few years ago compared to what it can do now. For further information on wide format printing, contact the friendly experts at United Reprographic by email or phone. We can hook you up.

Get Fastest Speeds with HP Pagewide

hpThe Latest HP Pagewide Printers Offer Groundbreaking Speeds

Unlike the HP Designjet wide-format printer where the printheads are over your paper, the HP PageWide will feature a stationary printbar. You have eight 5-inch printheads, and the designers placed them in alignment above the paper rolls that reach up to 40 inches. When it comes to printing, the paper will feed below the printbar, and the four ink colors will be applied.

The adoption of this revolutionary approach has allowed for the HP PageWide XL 8000 to generate speeds that are more than 60 percent faster than what you had with the standard LED printer. Because of the HP PageWide XL series, we have seen how color and black-and-white drawings have been integrated into a single device. You can now print color drawings in half the amount of time that it took before.

Modern reprographic firms need to have flexibility if they will succeed, and the XL series uses four pigment inks that provide you with a rich display of colors. Another advantage of this ink is that it will be fade and moisture resistant so that prints remain in tip-top condition. Because you can switch out the rolls and ink cartridges automatically, the copier can print up to 3,900 feet without experiencing interruption.

While the HP PageWide XL printers have been the first introduced into HP’s latest sub brand, they have already been used for printing businesses and offices. One of the advantages of this series is that the printheads undergo rigorous testing for durability and reliability to guarantee that you have received the best-quality product. If you do experience a problem with a printhead, unlike some of the other engineering printers, you do not need special tools or mechanical adjustments. Everything can be done without this, which makes it better for the common individual. For further information on engineering plotters, contact United Reprographic.

Getting Paper Rolls for Your Plotter

What to Understand Before Ordering a Plotter Paper Roll

Before you buy plotter paper for your engineering printer, you should first understand the terms used in the product description. While most inkjet media brands have the ability to handle different printing companies, the older models may not be able to handle the full range of the inkjet media for the newer printer models. When it comes to the plotter paper roll and your copier, it is good to understand three main things:

  • The Maximum Roll Width That Your Printer Can Print
  • The Ink That Your Printer Uses
  • The Maximum Capabilities for Thickness in Printing

The width of your HP Pagewide printer will be expressed through inches. The popular roll widths will range, but you have 42, 36, 34, 30, 24, 22, 18, 17 and 11-inch rolls. With these rolls, you have a cost-efficient method of printing multiple copies at the standard size of engineering plotters. You will also have to look at the length of the roll. For example, most plotter paper will be offered in a 150, 300 or 500-foot roll. If you have a big job, you may want a longer roll so that you do not have to stop in the middle of a job. Nevertheless, most engineering printers will max out their printing at 300 feet, and the standard size sold sits at a 150-foot roll.

In the older version of the HP Pagewide printers, they were only designed for bond paper printing, and they could only feed materials with nine mil calipers or less. The caliper on your standard bond paper will not vary as much as if you are printing on inkjet photo paper. Choosing a paper type will depend on your task. For further information on printing, speak with United Reprographic. Our experts can help you to find the best plotter paper roll.

Three Options When Investing in a Wide Format Printer

list-147904_640Thinking about investing in a wide format digital printer? If so, you have both leasing and outright buying. However, we have witnessed a new approach that has gained popularity over time known as the cost-per-square-foot program. Because wide format printing has been shifting towards this program, it provides your business needs without a fear of maintenance or amount of usage issues.

With this program, you can use your printer as much as you want, and you can use it as little because you have not paid for a set amount. When you choose this option, you call in for service and supplies to receive an invoice for every month. The advantage of this system? The cost-per-square-foot program allows you a type of personalized service that you will never have with buying.

Among the leasing, buying and cost-per-square foot program, which option provides you with the most value? Ultimately, the decision will be unique to your business. If you have a strong cash flow, buying offers you long-term saving. If you are looking for ease-of-use, then having everything integrated into a single resource such as a cost-per-square-foot program will make the most sense. Meanwhile, leasing makes sense when you want predictable monthly payments with the option to upgrade if needed. When leasing, always choose a wide format copier that underestimates your needs. A lease gives you a wonderful option to upgrade, but if you overestimate your needs, you cannot downgrade easily.

The Latest Advances Wide Format Printing

oce colorwave 300Because of an ongoing demand for higher performance, we have seen technology driven in a manner that produces more efficient and productive copiers. Generally speaking, however, we have seen fewer advances in wide format printing because it is a specialized niche. Nevertheless, some of the progress has been excellent advancements. What are some of the latest features to hit the wide-format printing market? First, we have faster print speeds than ever before. Nowadays, you can print as fast as six inches per second. What does that mean? If you have a 24″ x 36″ sign, you can print it off in under five seconds. In the standard world of printing, that is not real fast, but with wide format printers, that is more than 40 times faster than your average plotter.

Second, you have larger print sizes than ever before. We have seen an almost explosive growth in the wide format printing sector because of a need for more print jobs that require it. In a prediction from Markets and Markets, the wide format printing sector is estimated to grow by $12 billion on an international level by 2016. You will likely encounter more wide format prints, such as vehicle graphics, special event flags and floor graphics. Finally, the advances in ink technology have led to printing as many as eight colors with a dpi that reaches up to 1,000.

Reduce Printing Costs

WadsCash-300x273When you control the printing costs of your business, you increase the profits and reduce unnecessary waste. However, if you are going to control these expenses, you will need more than rules concerning the usage of your wide format printer. Before guidelines and maintaining supplies will work, you should understand the production level inside your office. When you track your output on your plotter, you gather valuable information that can direct your printing.

How do you track your printing with a wide format plotter? First, understand that it will not be the same as with a multifunction copier. Examining the ink and toner usage levels will tell you nothing. This is largely because a wide format printer uses more toner, and it prints larger products that can be difficult to measure. The way that you track your printing relates to the square-foot measurements.

Many times when you purchase a plotter, it will feature a meter or internal software that will give you raw data on the amount of printing. Print tracking gives you a tool that will control the costs, and it gives you invaluable insight about the efficiency of your business. Most importantly, you learn about the cost of printing before you ever hit the print button. If you have access to print tracking software, this will allow you to place an accurate pricing on each print task. In addition, if a customer arrives to your business wanting a high-quality banner, you can give them an accurate quote for the job.

Track the Printing of Your Wide Format Plotter

blueprints-894779_640While you can measure your printing using a meter, we recommend using software so that you do not spend entire days tracking the information on your own. At our company in Denver, we have countless software programs available to help with tracking. The best method for determining a software program is to focus on the method of delivery. When it comes to these programs, you have three different delivery methods:

  • Cloud-Based Connection
  • Workstation-Based Applications
  • Server-Based Connection

If you install a server-based print tracking software, you will manage the tracking from within your office. This system tracks all of the activity and sends it to your printing network. With a Cloud-based program, everything will be delivered over an Internet connection, but it will have greater security because it makes use of an off-site server. While you will have access to the reports, you will not have to update or maintain the software.

Using workstation-based applications, you have two different methods: First, you have the basic workstation-based application, which tracks your print jobs, but it cannot differentiate on the types of projects. With more advance software, you will have access to accurate records, and you can track all the printing that has been sent over the device. When should you upgrade your print tracking software? Once it fails to keep up with the output in your office, and it does not give accurate results, that is when you may want to upgrade

Why Lease Your Wide Format Copier

oce_colorwave500As you consider the financing approach for your wide format plotter, you will likely run into a lot of information related to the benefits, but you should also look at the drawbacks in buying versus leasing. Look at how much value will come with your decision and examine the amount of value gained from leasing. When you work with a dealership on a lease agreement, you do not have to worry as much about changes that could impact the industry. You can simply upgrade to a better machine if newer features will help your business more.

Another benefit of this option is that you can monitor and support your usage. When you use the automated supply delivery, it means that you will always have available paper, toner or ink. If supplies run out, otherwise, you could be left without a method of finishing the job. Because a managed print provider will support the lease of your wide format copier, you will not have to hire additional help, which saves on costs. A provider will have experience with repairing and maintaining your device to maximize its value. Ultimately, you will have access to a one-stop shop that gives you comfort when you need it. You do not have to pay for multiple things in multiple areas. From the moment you lease a wide format copier, you have support when needed and the supplies to sustain the tasks of the job.

Large Format Printing: What It Can Be Used For

progettoA large format printer refers to printing materials that cannot be printed on your traditional device. Normally, these printers will be used for the engineering or architecture industry. The maximum print size will vary based on the printer, but it will usually include printing for anything in these categories where bigger prints will be required:

  • Large Wall Calendars
  • Wall and Window Posters
  • Charts, Diagrams and Maps
  • Vertical and Horizontal Banners
  • Standees
  • Promotional Advertisements
  • Displays for Stores
  • Announcements for Events
  • Charts Concerning the Growth of Children
  • Notices Concerning Students, Employees and Other Groups

Large format printing can be used for a variety of applications, and it can also be used as a flat wall-hanging. Whatever you may need large format printing for, why not get in touch with our business in Denver to see what we can do for you. If you would like to discuss the intricacies of your next large format printing project, why not give us a call? We have experts waiting to help you, and because we have dedicated ourselves to the wide format printing niche, we can help you better than a general copier company. We never recommend visiting a regular copier company for wide format printing even if they have a wide format copier because they will have less knowledge for dealing with it.

Overview of Custom Map Printing with a Large Format Printer

Denver Plotter Repair
Denver Plotter Repair

Normally, you will see maps being printed with a large format printer because they have been designed to hang on walls and folded into portable sizes. Who will find the most use from a custom map? The use will vary from government agencies, schools, businesses, park departments, utility companies, military and event planners. Maps are normally used for sharing public information with other people. Here are some different examples of maps:

  • Tourism
  • Shopping Districts and Local Businesses
  • Public Transportation Routes
  • Festivals and Marathons Routes
  • Educational Maps of World Georgraphy
  • Construction Planning

If you are going to use a large format printer for mapping, it will require a specialized press that can handle the larger sheets of paper. Because of the need for larger presses and a special folding equipment, this is one of the reasons why few printers have the ability to produce a large-scale map. If you need a large format printer for maps or other tasks, our company in Denver, Colorado, can help. We can sit down with you to discuss how to conduct your next printing project in detail. When we set out to help a customer, we make sure that they will have the necessary tools to operate their business. For more information, call us today! We would love the opportunity to work with your organization.

Maintenance: Your Wide Format Printer

checklistKeeping your wide format plotter maintained can help to guarantee the long-term longevity of your machine. However, it does more than that. Maintenance will also increase the quality of your prints. What are some of the supplies that you will need for the maintenance of your wide format printer? You should carry the following supplies for the best results:

  • Gloves
  • Paper Towels
  • Eye Protection
  • Print Swabs
  • Print Head Wipes
  • Spray Bottle

When choosing gloves, they should be nitrile or latex gloves for maintaining your printer. This helps you to avoid direct contact with dangerous chemicals like the ink and cleaning solvents. Also, be sure to wear proper eye protection to avoid the risk of splashing ink in your eyes. You want to keep paper towels available to clean up the potential for spills. The print swabs will help maintain the print heads and hard-to-reach areas that will extend the lifetime of your copier.

We also recommend using a print head wipe that is polyester and lint free for cleaning the print heads. In fact, any time you will be cleaning a sensitive area on your wide format printer, recommend using this. When considering a spray bottle, consult your owner’s manual to find the acceptable cleaning solvents. Finally, hire a professional technician who understand how to maintain and extend the lifetime of your printer.

Should You Repair Your Plotter or Buy a New One?

Denver Plotter Repair

We receive service calls every day for repairs on wide-format printers. However, because of the nature of the industry and equipment, you can end up paying a lot for the operation and maintenance of your copier. In many cases, business owners will compensate through lowered quality and slowing down the printer. Why deliver substandard work to your customers? Once you have reached this point, you have to decide whether you should fix your wide-format copier or replace it.

At the entry level, you have two different types of printhead technologies with different ink and systems. The printhead will range from under $1,000 to over $2,500. If you take care of it, you will be provided with optimal performance levels, and you will reduce the long-term cost of maintenance. The best way to determine if you should replace a copier or service it is whether you will see a return on your investment. If you have a printer that costs over $30,000 at first, we have often seen the same four-year-old printers that cost around $5,000 when they do not work well. The advantage of upgrading to newer technology is that it will often run better. Newer technology will also have greater stability than an older wide format copier. Bottom line: If new technology will help your business run faster or it offers reduced ink prices, then that might be a compelling reason to upgrade.

Aspen Wide Format Printing Tips

progettoWhy It’s Important to Replace the Maintenance Cassette of Your Wide Format Printer

What is the maintenance cassette of your wide-format printer? Essentially, it collects the overspray ink, and it helps to serve as the purging station for the printhead when your system does a nozzle check. As time goes on, the cassette will become full, and you will be sent a message to change it. In many cases, people will either overlook this message or perform a disorganized cleaning for the maintenance cassette.

What is the problem with doing that? When you attempt to recycle a dirty maintenance cassette, you can negatively impact the printhead. For example, when you go to print schematics with your plotter, the cassette will fail to clean everything properly. Remember: It is much cheaper to replace a maintenance cassette than to have to buy a new printhead because you damaged it, and now it fails to work properly.

In all areas of maintenance with your plotter, proper care will guarantee that your large format plotter provides you with the best performance, and it will have a profound impact on your total cost of operation. Never cut corners in maintenance areas that will extinguish the lifespan of the internal components. These can be expensive to replace. Want to learn more about wide-format plotters? For more information, contact our Aspen, Colorado, company. We have expertise that can steer you in the right direction of the best wide-format printer for you.

Need Color for Your Construction Documents?

Color CardIncrease Your Productivity with Color Construction Documents

Despite wonderful technological advances, the construction industry remains stagnant in terms of labor productivity. What is the reasoning for this? Overall, the primary reason is due to endless mistakes made because of information being improperly communicated. What is one simple change that might shift a construction company’s workflow? One of the fastest and best methods might be related to changing from black and white plans to color construction documents.

Your average construction plan gets printed in monochrome, but the problem with monochrome is that it can be more difficult to see. In addition, color printing will have a greater impact than black and white printing in terms of representation. With three dimensional printing, the translation can sometimes be lost in the traditional black and white format. Because numerous AEC companies have used BIM or 3D modeling software, printing in color becomes paramount to communication.

As a business owner, you want to avoid costly mistakes due to miscommunication during a project. Experts estimate that about 30 percent of the expenses in a project can be attributed to mistakes and having to rework an error. With color documents, everything looks distinct, which means that you will reduce search time by as much as 80 percent. That will increase learning capabilities and employee retention by 78 percent, which saves the company money. Overall, printing a construction plan in color will mean higher efficiency in the workplace.

Keep Your Inkjet in Ideal Shape

dropsSecret to Keeping Your Inkjet Wide Format Plotter in the Best Condition

You have three types of large format plotters in the printing industry: Inkjet, LED toner and Oce ColorPearl CrystalPoint Technology. With each type of large format printer, you will have nuances to how they should be maintained, but inkjets have long been known as the most volatile. With that in mind, there is one thing that you can do to improve the working condition of your inkjet plotter.

Turn your inkjet wide-format printer off as little as possible. With an inkjet large format plotter, you have a lot of liquid that is located in different parts of the machine. You may have a dye or ink pigment, but it does not matter. The worst thing that you can do is to allow for the ink to be static because this can lead to what could be compared to as a hard freeze.

On a night of severe cold, most people will leave their faucet dripping to prevent the pipes from freezing. This keeps the water flowing enough so that the water does not freeze and bust your pipes. The same principle works with an inkjet wide format printer. You want to keep things moving. When you leave it on, this lets the plotter monitor itself. Occasionally, it will purge a small amount of ink through the printhead to make sure that the nozzles stay fresh for printing.

Getting an Engineering Printer in Colorado Springs

oce_colorwave500Have you been considering a printer for your engineering firm in Colorado Springs?  We have solutions that range from a few thousand dollars to 10’s of thousands of dollars.  There are some common questions you will want to answer before purchasing your next plotter.

  • What is the consumables cost per foot?
  • How much is the Plotter per month?
  • How much is maintenance costs?
  • What is the print resolution?
  • What is the print technology?  Does it matter?
  • Does it work with your other computer hardware?
  • Is the scanning available?
  • Do you need scanning?
  • How many paper rolls do you need?
  • What is the maximum paper width needed?  24″ 36″ 48″ 60″ or 72″?

If you want to get a plotter for your engineering company in Colorado Springs, please give us a call today.  We love working with new companies and have sales reps and technicians all the way to Pueblo and north to Fort Collins or even parts of Wyoming.

We would love to work with you on your next engineering printer!

Why it Matters What Wide Format Scanner You Use in Grand Junction

canon 780 - m40Not All Wide Format Scanners Were Created Equal

No one would say that all PCs are the same because you have a wide range of sizes and configurations. While some systems will have powerful processors and a massive hard drive, you also have inexpensive ones that will not. While most people understand these things with a computer, a lot of people neglect that fact with a wide format scanner, and they fail to do their research. You want to pick up the right unit for your situation because that will decide on how much robustness and flexibility you need in a scanner.

Do you need just the basic features? Will technical documents involve the majority of your scanning, or will you have to capture the life and vibrancy in photos and high-end graphics? Finally, will the scanner see minimal use, or do you need a high-speed unit that can produce a high volume? When it comes to wide scanners, your average scanner has been designed to suit a certain purpose. Here are things to consider with a wide scanner:

  • Size of Documents
  • Scanning Solutions
  • Scanner Speeds

You should also look at how your wide scanner will function with the existing plotter. Oftentimes, the best strategy is to look for a scanner that fits with the current gear, and you should look at what you need to meet the demands of your business.

Give us a call for wide format scanners and printers in Grand Junction!

You Need a Dedicated Wide Format Company for Your Grand Junction Plotter

iPF785_IMAGE_FINALWhy MPS Are Not Ideal for a CAD Plotter Solution

A lot of companies have taken a liking to managed print services, but sometimes you can lose sight of the bigger picture. They will offer to maintain your printing assets under a single contract, which sounds great, right? Everything will now be given in one bill. However, if your company has wide-format printing needs, that type of plan may not prove to be the best business plan. In fact, here are some reasons that MPS could actually prevent you from receiving the best CAD plotter.

First, office copier companies do not have experience with wide-format printing. You will hear the standard office copier company claim that they can help with with multiple things: document management, overflow document services and workflow application. However, at the end of the day, they sell office copiers, emphasis on office. If you want experts, you will have to find a plotter company, such as our wide-format printing company in Grand Junction. We have experience working with these copiers, and if you need a technician for a plotter, you do not want someone who is inexperienced with CAD plotters.

With wide-format printers, you have the capacity to create a large selection of media. A company that specializes in plotters will have greater ability in providing you with the right supplies. Even if you did buy from a standard office company, they do not always have the best plotter because it is an afterthought. For that reason, they do not normally invest or research the best brands or models.

We have been dealing with wide format plotters for over 20 years and we can take care of your plotter in a way few companies in the USA could.  We are extremely confident in our service levels and our technical team.  Give us a call to get the best service in Grand Junction on your next Plotter.

Don’t Settle for an Average Plotter Dealer in Aspen

oce_colorwave500Enemy #1 of Your CAD Plotter: The Status Quo

Some companies live by the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While that sounds great in theory, it harms the advancement of today’s technology. For example, that idea could be holding you back and costing you money. How? Wide-format printers have been used for years in construction, manufacturing and technical businesses, but we have seen many companies that hang onto the same system for more than 10 years. While it does say something about the durability of these systems, the technology a decade ago cannot compete with the newest CAD plotter technologies.

When we have heard someone brag to our company in Aspen about having their old HP plotter for years, and how it is such a workhorse that they do not want to change now, we will often follow that up with a question, “How many Windows 2000 systems are you using with it?” The answer? Almost always a resounding zero!

If you fail to upgrade or at a minimum, update your peripherals, you have not actually maximized your investment. Here’s the truth: The older your plotter gets, the slower it will print. That will mean lost time for your business, which results in lost money. What is the value of your time worth? For more information, contact our Aspen, Colorado, company. We can help you to find a new plotter that beats the status quo and increases the efficiency of your business.

Technical Tip: HP PageWide in Denver

HP-PageWideWhy You Should Print at Least One Document Per Week with Your HP PageWide Printer

Ever wanted to guarantee the lifespan of your investment? Most business owners who invest in equipment want their equipment to last for as long as possible with as few of maintenance calls as possible. This is why it can be helpful knowing how to keep your ink HP PageWide printer in top condition. It will last longer, and you will get more use from it when used properly. Ink wide-format printer in particular are most vulnerable to breaking down.

What can you do? One of the things that you can do is to print at least one color document per week. The reason is that it keeps the ink flowing inside your printer so that it does not freeze up. Most plotters have been designed for color, and it has been a long time since manufacturers created an exclusively monochrome plotter.

Even today, however, your average person does not use the color prints. They use black-and-white printing for 90 to 100 percent of their applications because they think they are saving money. While it is true that they could be saving money, it is still important to occasionally print with color, even as a test pattern, because this keeps the nozzles and color lines clear from debris and other particles. In other words, you will have a printer that gives optimal performance levels when you need it.

The Value of a Service Contract with Your Plotter

canon 780 - m40The Best Large Plotter: Better with a Service Contract

Ever noticed that when you shop at a corporate retailer, almost everything offers an optional extended warranty? The sales representatives have been trained to offer this extension, and many times, the warranty is already covered with the purchase, so you are better blowing them off.

However, there are times when buying a big ticket item with a warranty becomes justifiable. You want to protect your investment, but you have to make sure the manufacturer’s warranty does not already cover it.

Unlike a purchase from a corporate retailer, most people do not buy large plotters for fun. Most of them need it as new equipment for their business, which is why they should consider long-term protection. You will often hear people say, “This plotter is brand new! It won’t break down on me.”

The way we look at it in Aspen, with our plotter company, is like car insurance. You hope that you will never have to use it, but if you do, at least you are covered. When you buy an expensive car or large asset, you want to protect your investment against the potential threats. With a service contract, you will be covered if parts break down, and a reputable provider will use only official OEM parts, which are more durable than the third-party cheap options. Before signing a service contract, check to make sure that they provide you with OEM parts.

Give us a call to get a Plotter with Service in Aspen!

Need a New Plotter in Colorado Springs?

HP-PageWideTime for a New Plotter?

While that old plotter in your Colorado Springs office may have served you well for years, holding onto that old technology could be costing you more than it is worth. Your average company does not struggle to keep their IT assets updated, but they normally focus that effort on the workstation, server and software assets. In many cases, they overlook upgrading their wide format printer.

Similar to computer systems, technology becomes obsolete fast, which means that it may not sustain the demands of your company as well as a different system. In today’s world, it simply may not have the capabilities to handle the larger and more complex files. With today’s CAD and BIM applications, you will have generated large and complex files, and this will require a more powerful file processing system. While an older plotter might be able to print these files, it will involve a longer processing time than what you will with a newer plotter.

Next, you will have to deal with legacy parts, which are not always kept in stock with an older printer. If your old plotter breaks down, how long can you afford to wait? If your system breaks down and requires an unavailable part, you could find yourself in a serious bind. Determining whether you need a new plotter comes down to looking at your plotter and making sure that it stays compliant with current hardware and software.

Inkjet or Toner Wide Format

Inkjet or Toner: The Plotter Comparison

Many companies have questioned whether they should purchase an inkjet or toner-based plotter, and overall, it has been an easy question to find the answer to. For example, if you choose an inkjet printer, the cost will be lower at first, but you will pay more in consumables, and it will produce at slower speeds. While a toner-based plotter will cost more upfront, you will pay less for it when it comes to the toner cartridges. With a few calculations, you can determine the break-even point with how many square feet per month you will need to produce.

In the past, that might have been true, but as ink prices have dropped and some of the inkjet models have increased in speed, how do you compare the two differing plotter technologies? In today’s society, the cost of operation hovers at around $0.90 per square foot for both types, assuming heavier color coverage.  It is all variable based on how much ink is on the page.   It can be just $.09 if the coverage is low enough.

With that in mind, you might conclude that an inkjet plotter will be a better investment because of the cheaper price, but you still have reasons for a toner-based wide-format printer. For example, your average inkjet will last three years before breaking while toner-based systems were designed to last between seven to 10 years. In that time, you might have to purchase a few inkjets to keep up. Finally, an inkjet might be up to speed with the toner-based plotters, but they cannot handle a high print volume, which will lead to more breakdowns.

HP PageWide in Fort Collins

HP-PageWideHP PageWide Will Consolidate Workflow

Looking for higher efficiency and a more cost effective solution to large-format printing? With the latest HP PageWide technology, you can integrate your operations into a single place. In the past, businesses had to depend on two different large-format printers to accomplish a task. For example, they might have one LED printer that they combined with a separate inkjet printer.

While LED printers have become an important aspect of the office because of their lightning speeds and low cost per print, you have one large problem. LEDs cannot normally print in color, which created a need for an inkjet printer alongside it for the colored printing needs. Overall, that equates to slower printing and a less cost-effective approach to operating. When you mix these two printers, sometimes it leads to less efficiency and greater time consumption. For example, you will need to separate the monochrome pages from the color, which will slow you down.

HP has reinvented a new approach to this problem with their HP PageWide technology. Because the technology combined the speed and efficiency of an LED, but keeps the color quality of an inkjet, HP has effectively eliminated the need for multiple printers. In addition, this setup offers you the same low cost-per-square-foot color printing that you would receive with monochrome printing. Instead of maintaining two separate devices, you can integrate all your demands into a single printer.

HP PageWide Printers in Colorado Springs

HP-PageWideEdgeline Printers Inspired the HP PageWide Technology

What do you need to know about HP’s PageWide and Edgeline printers? First, Edgeline has been based on the inkjet technology, and up to this point, it uses ink tanks on a larger scale and a printhead to put ink to paper.

With Edgeline’s stationary printhead that spans the entire width of the page, you have technology similar to the HP PageWide technology. What is the reasoning for this? Ultimately, it boils down to greater efficiency because this printer lets you reach higher print speeds while maintaining a low cost in operations.

If you bought a standard inkjet printer, it uses a printhead that will move across the entire width of the page, and that will create an image, but the process takes more time. With Edgeline Technology, the printhead spans the entire width of the page so that you can create images at greater speeds. In addition, they use a technology with the fifth consumable known as a bonding agent, blended with something similar to a hair dryer will mean the ink has been dried the minute it exits the printer.

HP’s PageWide Technology was actually inspired by Edgeline, which is a technology they discontinued. Where does PageWide differ? Using the understanding of the past Edgeline Technology, HP PageWide employs what is known as anink vehicle, which contains the ink inside. With the ink vehicle, there is better control over droplet size and ejection speed.

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Fort Collins Plotter Repairs

HP-PageWideBenefits of Buying a Plotter Service Contract in Fort Collins

While there are cases where buying a service contract for your plotter does not make sense, there are other situations where you might want to spend a little extra. For example, if you paid a lot of money for the plotter, you might be better off with a service contract. Look at it as a protection of your investment. What are some of the benefits of a service contract? That depends on the contract, but you should make sure a few of these key things will be included.

First, it should cover the software needed to operate your wide format printer. The support should encompass multiple things, such as:

  • Plotter Drivers
  • System OS
  • Network Connectivity

When technology changes, it takes place via the software, so it is great to have this type of support. What happens if your whole office decides to switch to Windows 10? Will you have a plotter that can handle that change? With a service contract, you guarantee support for yourself.

Did you know there is a fraternal bond among the plotter service technicians? That means that when you receive support, it will transcend the limitations of competition. For example, we have sometimes had our service manager reach out to other technicians to help with brainstorming, and they have helped us. When you buy a service contract, you have bought a networked team of qualified professionals who will support your business.

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HP PageWide in Colorado Springs

HP-PageWideHP PageWide Technology: Why We Like It

HP has recently designed some new technology that they call HP PageWide Technology, and you can find it available with some of HP’s latest desktop printers. In addition, they plan to use this advancement for their large-format printers as soon as 2015, and it is exciting to think of what they might create. What does this technology do? Essentially, you receive a stationary print bar that will span the entire width of your page, and this will print entire documents using a single pass. That creates faster speeds and a lower print cost.

Why do we find this development exciting? Before this point, inkjet printers cost too much and they did not provide you with a speedy approach to printing that you might find with the common laser printer. With the HP PageWide technology, we have witnessed a drastic improvement upon the inkjet printer that we have grown accustomed to. Even in a busy office setting, you can produce speeds that make a difference.

Besides creating a more cost-effective printer for engineers, the HP PageWide Technology will allow you enhancements such as ink technology that features specially-designed pigments that will deliver more vibrancy in colors and resist smudges and smearing. In addition, the technology produces thousands of ink droplets that have the same drop weight, trajectory and speed to produce perfect images and text every time.

HP PageWide Technology in Denver

hp-pagewide-3Why Choose an HP Pagewide Printer?

We exist in a world with a myriad of choices for PageWide printers, so it can sometimes be difficult picking the right brand for your job. With HP, you will have access to one of the fastest large-format color printers that will cut production costs in half. In addition, you can print faster than what you might receive with alternatives or the fastest LED printers. With an HP, you can generate a new revenue stream while growing with GIS map and point-of-sale poster printing.

People in business should always seek better methods of efficiency, and with an HP PageWide, you can radically deliver a much faster product. When it comes to HP technology, it consists of more than 200,000 nozzles with a stationary print bar that spans the entire width of the page. What does that mean for users? It means that you will reach groundbreaking speeds, and also, there will be an extended time period between the service station because this many nozzles helps to guarantee outstanding and sustained productivity.

President of United Reprographic Supply, Tim Dowdeswell, says, “The HP Pagewide technology is the most disruptive and innovative technology I have seen in the past 20 years in this business.” Interested in learning more about an HP PageWide printer? For further information, contact us at our Denver establishment.

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hp-t3500-promo092015Tips for Printing GIS Files on a Map Plotter

A lot of today’s companies in Fort Collins incorporate GIS technology into their business strategy because the GIS data can be used to serve a wide range of purposes. For example, it can help with land management, utility maintenance and construction planning. When looking at the core, GIS helps to integrate software, hardware and data for analyzing, capturing and managing the geographically referenced information. Some people think printing GIS files on a map plotter are challenging, but it does not have to be.

For easier GIS printing on your map plotter, follow these tips. For example, make sure that your print drivers and software will be compatible with the company’s applications. In some cases, you might be held back because of compatibility issues with older technology. Next, preview the size of the print in advance to avoid the need for an unnecessary reprint. You can define the print settings like rotation, scaling and media selection to remove the need for a print-ready file at a specific size.

You will also want to look at media handling. When printing a map or other GIS data, how will the machine handle the paper? It matters more than you might realize, and if you share your plotter with multiple users, you want to maintain organization. If you have a newer plotter, it may provide you with a back channel communication between the print driver and the plotter.

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Are You a Sub Contractor? Do You Have a Wide Format Copier?

oce_colorwave500Why Subcontractors in Colorado Springs Should Consider a Wide Format Plotter

Subcontractors in Colorado Springs have become the heart and soul of almost any construction project. If a larger company wants to be successful, they have to communicate properly with their subcontractors, and this is where a subcontractor can benefit from a plotter. The general contractor and architect will rely on their subcontractors for multiple services that include:

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Concrete
  • Plumbing

They do this because it allows them to complete the project on deadline while staying under budget. In a rapidly changing world, subcontractors have to adapt to the shifting dynamics of the construction industry to succeed. In the past, architects might print multiple sets of plans and distribute them to the subcontractor, but that has changed in today’s world. Instead, architects will often harness the power of a PDF file, which saves both time and money. However, this places a burden on subcontractors because they have a responsibility to print their own plans.

While you could easily outsource your printing to a reprographics company, that can become expensive when you have to do this for every job. Plus, it places control outside the contractor’s hands. Instead of doing this, you could purchase a wide format printer to print the plans on your own. This solves multiple problems, and it will also become easier to share the plans with your team, which results in better communication and less mistakes on the job.

CAD Plotters may Lower Construction Costs

Architect or business man draw or design home kitchen

Because of the improving economy, construction costs have risen, according to the Wall Street Journal. The cost of labor and material have increased at a rate of 3.5 percent per year. Added expenses mean that companies will have to make up for the higher prices by laying off workers or buying cheaper construction materials. However, you can save without compromising the integrity of your project.

Many construction companies lower their costs with a CAD plotter. How do CAD plotters reduce the cost of construction? First, a color CAD drawing lets construction workers collaborate easier. This leaves less room for errors. In addition, a growing percentage of contractors believe that color lets them locate information faster. Do you want to boost closing bids? Similar to how color printing receives a higher customer response, color printing will also improve retention and increase the bids.

Statistics show that 43 percent of customers pay on time and 31 percent have increased likelihood of paying the full amount when you have highlighted the information in color. With an HP high speed engineering printer, you will have a competitive advantage over other construction companies. Looking for a great model? We recommend the HP Z 5400. It features fast delivery and a smart workflow. Customers have water-resistant prints that will last for up to 200 years.

Overview of the Oce ColorWave 500

oce_colorwave500Successor to the award-winning Oce CW650, the Oce ColorWave 500 bases its technology on Oce CrystalPoint, which combines inkjet and LED toner into a single process. The ColorWave 500 shares common features with the ColorWave 650, but it adds some phenomenal improvements into the mix. For example, you have a color scanner that mounts at the top of the print engine and results in a multifunction system. However, the ColorWave 500 handles an impressive monthly duty cycle that triumphs over its competitors.

The Oce ColorWave 500 can be configured with four media rolls. Different from inkjet plotters that are reliant upon higher quality media, the ColorWave 500’s print quality proudly stands media independent. Want to print a full color map on basic bond paper? With the Oce ColorWave 500, you can print consistent top quality without a problem.

What does the ColorWave 500 include that is new? You have a navigable Oce ClearConnect multi-touch user panel that operates similar to the Oce PlotWave 500. Using the user panel, you can connect to the cloud to access files or print from the integrated USB port. Owning a faster printer will not solve the issue of delays that plague conventional plotters. You need raw processing power—with the ColorWave 500, you have access to the Oce POWERsync controller that makes these problems part of the past.

Possible Benefits of Oce over Kip

oceBeyond a doubt, Oce and Kip compete head-to-head as the two leaders of wide-format printing. When companies want to upgrade from an old wide-format printer, they look at these two brands, but a lot companies focus on the hardware specifications and disregard the impact of the software on their workflow.

Oce has some benefits that are superior to Kip in the area of printer support. Kip, for example, limits their device support to the 9900 models and to the 7-Series, whereas Oce Direct Print supports all the wide-format machines.

When it boils down to printing configurations, you want the ability to design queues and print with permissions. You can restrict access to users and assign specific tasks to individuals. The advantage of this? It lowers the potential for mistakes because people understand what they have to do.

In addition, Job Manager, an automation function CAD manager, used to control their printers, lets administrators assign jobs and set priorities. This creates an organization at your company that will save money. If you have a pending job in the queue, it can be paused to help with a different top-priority job, or you can transfer the job to a different device. That turns into a valuable feature if you use color plotters with a monochrome unit.

 What’s New: The Latest Generation of Canon imagePROGRAF

canonCanon USA released six models in their latest generation of the award-winning imagePROGRAF large format plotters. Both the iPF 780 and the iPF 680 offers you the option to buy high capacity ink tanks to reduce your downtime. You will have access to a 300ml tank, which is double the standard 130ml tank. In addition to reduced downtime, you will experience additional saving because you will not have to buy ink cartridges as often. Customers can save up to 30 percent on ink prices with this large format printer.

How did the new Canon iPF large format printer improve on the past generation? First, the newer machines can produce D-size prints in under 21 second, and if you want an E-size print, you can print it in less than 41 seconds. iPF 780’s predecessors were limited to scans of 120′ in length, but with the new Canon iPF 785 and iPF 780, you can scan images at a length of 315′. The iPF 780 will support a 500-foot paper roll.

If you choose one of these wide format printers, Canon also introduced an application for the iPad that works with the latest generation of imagePROGRAF wide format printers. Another benefit of using Canon is that you have a solid company that stands behind you in terms of reputation.

 Canon Brings the iPad to CAD Plotter Users

hands touching screen of a tabletEver wanted to print from the iPad? Canon recently developed a software application for large format software that lets users print from iPad devices. The app is known as Canon imagePROGRAF, and you can print PDF data from the iPad to a plotter if you have a local wireless network. What are the key features of this new technology?

  • Color/Black and White Setting
  • Navigable Choices in Print Quality
  • Decide on the Number of Copies
  • Pick the Print Orientation

To run this technology, you will want your Apple iPad devices operating with iOS 6.1 or newer. This includes the iPad2 and the iPad mini. What wide-format printers support this new technology?

  • iPF 650
  • iPF 655
  • iPF 760
  • iPF 765
  • iPF 680
  • iPF 685
  • iPF 780
  • iPF 785
  • iPF 815
  • iPF 825

With the imagePROGRAF, the printer uses GL2 settings that store itself within the printer. However, the media types and paper size depend on the specific model and specifications that you have chosen. Printing from an iPad gives individuals a greater advantage when it comes to construction because the device offers excellent portability.

Overview of the Canon 780MFP

canon 780 - m40Manufacturers designed the Canon 780 MFP — M40 as a wide-format printer that provides customers with a complete scan-to-print, file and share solution. With a large touchscreen monitor, users have access to a fast but effective system that can archive, copy, print and distribute maps and drawings. The scanner lets individuals scan documents of up to two millimeters thick, and people can scan more than technical documents. In fact, the scanner scans documents of up to 315 inches in length for JPEG and PDF files. If an individual has a TIFF file, he or she can scan up to 590″.

With the SmartWorks MFP software, users of all levels will find the experience more navigable. The share software, a cloud-based feature, lets individuals view, print and share their files from anywhere in the world. In addition, user will find the technology compatible with almost all cloud servers because it is WebDAV compliant.

Enjoy a 36-inch large format five-color printer that professionals use to compete in a variety of marketplaces. Who might want look at the Canon 780 MFP — M40? If a person works in architecture, engineering or construction, he or she will find that this technology lets them produce large posters and documents in color. Providing flexibility and versatility, this captivating all-in-one package makes for an outstanding deal!

 Choosing the Right Wide Format Printer

checklistDigital wide format printers can help you to print banners, signs, posters and construction plans. The wide format printer renders pages wider than 17 inches but less than 100 inches and normally prints using a roll of paper, rather than the single sheets of a conventional copier. Depending on the printer, it may use hot air dryers to keep the prints from sticking to each other as they are printed.

To choose the right digital engineering printer, write up a priority list of the most important features to find a model that will meet your demands. When speaking of brands, you have a few great choices:

  • Canon
  • Kip
  • HP
  • Xerox
  • Ricoh
  • Oce

An HP page wide format works wonderfully for technical drawings and professional graphics. Delivering exceptional quality, these printers offer navigable features and dependability. Whether you want to print precise schematics or detailed maps, an HP brings professional quality to the table.

A Kip wide format printer, on the other hand, provides stunning solutions to the engineering, manufacturing and architectural fields. Kip printers demonstrate top-rate performance and efficiency. The models produced by Kip have even won awards. When choosing a wide format printer, ask for a free analysis of your needs. This will point the direction to the right printer.

 Rise of Color CAD in Wide Format Printing

progettoTrends continue across the wide format printing industry, and one of the more interesting recent developments is the rise of color CAD printing. What has led to the rising popularity of CAD printing? First, we have a growing appreciation and respect for color printing. You have a broad avenue of choices for CAD drawings with color printing, and architects and engineers find the colored prints practical because they appear clearer, which makes it easier for them to spot errors.

In addition, the availability factor contributes to the rising popularity of CAD. When manufacturers produced the first color CAD printing, you could only find it in the smaller formats. Today, however, we see it available for the reprographics industry, and the latest advances in the technology have made architects and engineers want to take advantage of color printing. Particularly the Kip C7800 and the HP have produced printers for CAD more than ever before, which has served to revolutionize the color printing industry. With color and monochrome on the same machine, you can create specific sets depending on the requirement of the task. Up until recently, you had to print colored documents on one device and monochrome with another. The new color CAD printers eliminate the need for two machines, which saves time, money and space.

The Different Inks of Wide Format Printing

dropsWide format color printing uses several types of inks, and each carries their own characteristics that will be of benefit in some situations and not others. With wide format printing, the types of inks used become crucial to convey the desired message and create a design. Here are five of the most common wide format ink types:

  • Aqueous Inks
  • Dry Sublimation Inks
  • Solvent Inks
  • UV Cured Inks
  • Latex Inks

Aqueous ink is water-based ink, and it offers two varieties: dye and UV. Manufacturers mix the ink with water, and when the water evaporates, it leaves the ink behind. Advantage of aqueous ink is that it delivers bright colors to the page. The disadvantage, however, is that they fade quickly if under the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Dry sublimation ink can be found for Spectra, Konica and XAAR wide format printing. While dry sublimation ink is not inkjet printing, some people have confused it for that.

Solvent inks contain dyes and are referred to as pigment inks. They cost less, and offer flexibility on various surfaces. In addition, solvent inks are waterproof.

UV cured inks dry quickly when exposed to UV-light, which is what makes them appealing, but they also cost a small fortune.

Finally, we have latex inks, which are a new type used for many surfaces like vinyl. Latex ink acts similar to solvent ink without the toxic chemicals.

 The HP T2500 vs. the Canon iPF 785

When choosing a wide format printer, you have to look at multiple factors, and what works for you might not work for the next person. The factors to consider include: navigability, durability, print speeds and features. BLI Labs, a research company, conducted an independent study that compared the top two models, the HP T2500 and the Canon iPF 785, on a few specific categories:

  • Productivity
  • Banner Printing
  • Image Quality
  • Printer Drive
  • Ease of Use

hp t2500 2iPF785_IMAGE_FINAL
The Canon iPF 785 offers you a larger color gamut, which means that you can display more colors. In addition, Canon did not display the fuzziness in the line art and text that they found in HP under magnification. The iPF 785 proved it had a finer level of detail for photographs and business graphics. However, the HP T2500 printed a little faster than the Canon for mixed file types.

If you want batch scanning, you will be better off with the Canon iPF 785 because the HP Designjet T2500 does not offer this feature, and the iPF 785 scanned 30 percent faster in all segments. Overall, the BLI Labs Report showed that the Canon iPF outclasses the T2500, but that’s not to say that the HP T2500 is a bad product. In fact, many loyal HP page wide fans swear by the brand’s quality.

 Reasons to Print BIM Files in Color over Monochrome

Color CardArchitectural design continues in its evolution, but one of the aspects that has revolutionized the design-build process is referred to as BIM software. This technology provides architects and engineers with insights to construct, design, plan and manage their buildings and infrastructure. The best part about BIM? You can print your construction plans in full color.

BIM also lets architects, engineers and contractors collaborate on their plans. The biggest issue that occurs in construction is the mistakes made during an exchange of data, and BIM cuts down on the mistakes for companies who used BIM. The National Institute of Standards and Technology conducted a study that claimed the inefficiencies in the building industry accounted for two percent of the revenue per job.

In addition, BIM reduces the overall project and construction cost. How does that relate to printing? Aside from the collaborative nature of BIM applications, the software lets estimators and designers operate in 3D. After you have introduced 3D, color becomes part of the equation. You can convey color CAD drawings and eliminate the mistakes in a plan. In fact, highlighting the key information lets contractors cut the errors by as much as 80 percent. Also, full-color projects stick in the memory and breathe life into the designs for your viewers. This is crucial because the brain thinks in pictures and concepts over paragraphs.

 Construction Subcontractors Should Consider Wide Format Printers

young engineer showing something to his partner at building site

Subcontractors function as the heart and soul of any construction project. Architects depend on their subcontractors to complete the project on time and below budget, so you want to increase their efficiency and productivity to improve the chances of success. One of the methods architects and general contractors can use to increase the efficiency and productivity is to harness PDF files to save on time and money. You can dispense the files to an online plan room, which lets you share the file with your subs.

You may also choose to outsource your printing to a reprographics company, but it will become expensive fast and take away the control of the contractor. Your outsourced prints will be subject to the reprographer’s terms for turnaround times and revisions.

You can, however, print the plans yourself using a wide format printer. which saves time and money. Installing a large format printer in the office will give you total control over your printing. Construction work can often be thought of as a numbers game. With more bids, you have a higher chance of winning work, and a wide format printer increases the number of jobs that a subcontractor can bid for. For small subcontractors looking to expand their operation, wide format printing gives them a competitive weapon.

 Plotters: Toner vs. Inket

dropsWhich wide format plotter, toner or inkjet, will be better for your business? To answer that question, you have to examine multiple factors. For example, the price of inkjet printing will normally be a little more, but toner equipment costs more. How do you determine the better plotter? You have to calculate the break-even point. Nowadays, the price of toner and inkjet are similar when talking about CAD plotting.

In terms of durability, toner-based plotters will win every time. Your average inkjet will only last three years before it needs replacement. In the early 2000s, people across the country purchased the HP Designjet 1055 and used the machine for more than 10 years. However, neither HP nor other manufacturers produce inkjet plotters to last that long anymore.

If you need a higher print volume, we recommend customers avoid inkjet printers. On average, these plotters have only scored a rating of 3,000 square feet per month. Operating into excess can cause more breakdowns. If you choose a toner-based plotter, however, you can print thousands of square feet per month. The Oce PlotWave 500, for example, is capable of producing 25,000 square feet of printing per month. Overall, toner-based machines beat inkjet plotters, but it depends on how much you need it.

Getting a Wide Format Copier in Colorado Springs

oce_colorwave500United Reprographic Supply has technicians that travel all over the state of Colorado.  From Denver to Pueblo to Fort Collins to Grand Junction, we sell and service wide format copiers all over the state of Colorado.  If you are looking for a new wide format printer or copier, we can help.

We have also been working with HP and are going to be the largest plotter dealer for HP in the state.  We work hard to give the very best service.  For most of our clients, there is 2 hour service response times available!  We love to help our clients have a perfectly functioning wide format printer or copier.  We would love to help your Colorado Springs company have the peace of mind you will only get from URS.

Please give us a call to see the difference between URS and the rest!

Reasons to Buy a New Plotter

IPF800SeriesWhile the old plotter in your office may have served you well, the older technology could be holding you back. People overlook upgrading their wide format printer for cost reasons, but what if you were losing money with your current system? If you have obsolete technology, for example, this will cost you in time and money when it cannot sustain the demand of your company.

We live in a world where CAD and BIM applications generate extraordinarily large and complex files, which requires powerful file processing. An older plotter might manage to print such files, but it normally involves a long processing sequence to render the image. In addition, you will have greater difficulty finding replacement parts for an older machine. When a components break, you have to wait a longer length of time to replace it.

Upgrading also becomes advantageous because you will have access to the latest features. If you have been out of the market for a while, the technology has advanced. For example, you can purchase a plotter that consumes less energy to save money and access new features that lead to greater efficiency in the workplace. Deciding if you need a plotter boils down to checking the compliance of hardware and software assets to see if they are outdated.

The Best Plotter for GIS Will Exhibit These Qualities

GIS (geographic information system)Seeking the best plotter for GIS map printing? Before you buy that plotter, look at the factors surrounding your needs. GIS, Geographic Information Systems, lets you visualize large data. You will find GIS data displayed on maps, but because GIS information relates to big data printing, the files demand more resources than the average CAD file. In some cases, GIS files will exceed 100 MB. What does that mean? That to find the best plotter for GIS, you should examine the source file and the expectations surrounding the final product.

What will you do with the file after printing it? Consider this because that directly impacts the durability of the document.

  • Do you plan to display the map for a long period of time?
  • Will you handle the document in excess?
  • Do you expect the map will be exposed to the elements?

If you answered with a yes to these questions, an entry-level wide format plotter may fail to meet your requirements. Finally, you have to look at the ink. Entry-level units will often use dye-based ink, which is a watercolor-based material. If want your GIS maps to endure, you should look at pigment or UV-based inks. A great GIS plotter might include the Canon S-series or the SE-series plotters.

 Overview of the Oce ColorWave 300

oce colorwave 300Looking for a great wide format plotter? The Oce ColorWave 300 offers an all-in-one device that prints, scans and copies. Designed to help business owners expand their operation, you will experience no more hassle with curled media and increase wide format print efficiency. Ever lost money to waste and faulty copies? This plotter utilizes Oce Image Logic technology that guarantees the right results the first time printed.

In addition, the Oce CW300 offers features that let you print or scan directly to a USB flash drive. What other noteworthy aspects should users consider? First, you have print speeds that reach 41 seconds/E size for black and white and 63 seconds/E size for color. The Oce CW300 will cut your energy consumption by up to 50 percent compared to standard wide format printers.

Companies often seek advantage over their competition. With the Oce ColorWave 300, you find the greatest edge comes from its insane cost efficiency, and its ability to meet business demands. For example, you can handle all file formats, including:

  • HP-GL/2
  • JPEG
  • DWF
  • PDF

It can print these files without sacrificing print speed. Reduce your labor time and cost with the online folder that ensures consistent output and quality. When you work with an all-in-one copier, it reduces stress and the capital tied up in supplies.

New HP Wide Format Printers at Breakthrough Speeds

hp-pagewide-3When HP revealed their latest PageWide XL printers at the 2015 Eastern Reprographic Conference, they made history as they unveiled the latest breakthroughs in wide format printing technology. What will you discover with these machines? They have been designed to guarantee speed and efficient printing for wide format GIS maps, CAD Drawings, POS signs and posters.

Unlike its predecessors, the PageWide XL printers use a printbar that uses eight five-inch printheads to align with the paper rolls that reach 40 inches. As the paper feeds below the printbar, the four ink colors will be applied to the paper. The advantage of this revolutionary approach is that wide format printers can generate print speeds that are 60 percent quicker than the industry’s best wide format monochrome printer. Business owners will be able to meet deadlines twice as fast. Want fast drying prints that do not smear? HP created for a new feature that allows for drawings, matte, satin, poster papers and gloss.

Over the course of the next couple months, HP plans to launch four new wide format printers. Because you can switch out the ink and paper rolls automatically, you print 3,900 ft of paper without interference. The best thing about these printers is that it improves upon the technology of its predecessors and brings a new standard to HP engineering. The wide format printers of HP have been rigorously tested for quality, reliability and lifespan.

Fantastic Reasons the Oce CW650 Is a Valuable Choice

colorwave600The Oce ColorWave 650 printer features cutting edge TonerPearl technology. What is that? Small balls of solid toner will be dropped into the heated imaging device, which will then liquefy to be sprayed on the page. Aside from the cool factor, there are other compelling reasons to choose the Oce CW650. First, the ColorWave 650 produces speeds that are two to five times faster than your conventional inkjet printer. In addition, the cost to operate a laser printer features substantial cost savings, and the Oce CW650 is a laser printer.

Looking to eliminate consumable costs? The Oce CW650 only consumes black-and-white toner for the monochrome parts. That means that none of the color will be wasted for a monochrome print, which is sometimes done. Want to create black-and-white drawings? The CW650 does not need different printing assets. Instead, it handles mixed monochrome and color printing with ease. In addition, the TonerPearl technology provides you with prints that dry almost instantly so that you can grab your prints on the go. You can also use the electronic collation to maintain the organization of drawings so that you will never have to sort them by hand again.

Another one of the benefits of using the Oce CW650 is that you save money on outsourcing. With a high monthly duty cycle of 50,000 square feet, you can print in-house to your heart’s content and print large color sets. Overall, this is a reliable machine that delivers the maximum value to your business. For further information about the Oce CW650, call now!