HP PageWide Series Wins Award

Each year, the Wide Format & Signage group awards products in different categories a “best of” award.  These are voted on by experts in the wide format world.  From cutters to plotters to laminators, each category has winners.  For the 4th straight year, the HP Pagewide Series has won the award as the best Output Device: Engineering.

Helping the Pagewide win this award was the HP PageWide XL 4000 Printer which allows users to print 8 D/A1-size prints per minute. Most other wide format printers struggle to get even 1 done in a minute.  So for the speed HP has created, the industry has given them this honor.

Print, Scan and Copy from one device.  The scans will look fantastic with 1200dpi resolution.  Maybe your company uses a set of coated and non-coated paper.  The PageWide series allows for up to 4 rolls to be loaded so changing out paper becomes unnecessary.  HP also includes technology to help make blacks come out darker for their users.

United Reprographic is a proud provider of HP PageWide Products in Denver.

Units include:   HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer,  HP PageWide XL 5000 Printer,  HP PageWide XL 4000 Printer and HP PageWide XL 4500 Printer.  Give us a call if you are looking for the best wide format printer on the market today!



Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C350iF Overview

The Canon C350iF is a reliable printer that’s equipped with a variety of tools for mobile projects. Thanks to its advanced integration capability, this product functions well with traditional printers and high-tech MDS solutions. All of these features and functions serve one purpose, which is to help businesses increase productivity throughout important office tasks.

Canon equipped with C350iF with powerful hardware that integrates effortlessly with enterprise applications. Each tool that’s bundled with the printer can be configured, so users never have problems controlling data. Since the C350iF has efficient security features, this data isn’t vulnerable while files are shared and printed on the go.

When the C350iF prints out files that contain plenty of colors, each ink shade stands out. The key technology that produces the quality results is called V2 Color. This color feature generates vibrant, bold inks after the unit prints or copies standard documents and images.

The process of selecting a function isn’t complicated, as the printer has a bold, crisp, seven-inch display panel. This panel manages everything with ease by using the system’s 2GB of RAM.

During big projects, the Canon C350iF can store tons of data. All standard units are equipped with 80GB of hard disk drive. The available hard drive space is ideal for office spaces with employees who share files frequently. The network interface hardware under the hood can handle high-volume sharing tasks because it relies on Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX and Ethernet 1000 Base-TX.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3330i Overview

The Canon C3330i has features that can boost productivity in a practical way. Many of the most useful tools are accessible from the intuitive operation panel, which has a custom interface. This interface makes the process of converting physical documents into scanned files easy since routine tasks can be tackled by pressing one button. Printing and copying tasks are also simple, as the 3330i has hardware that networks with standard devices and the latest smart gadgets.

Efficient Integration

Because the Canon C333i is designed with advanced hardware, it can be integrated with a large or small network of imageRUNNER ADVANCE gadgets. The printer’s management tools can track usage so that users can control costs throughout large printing projects when devices are shared.

Strategic Technology That Lowers Operating Costs

This printer doesn’t waste a lot of money because its unique design provides benefits throughout high-volume tasks. The key feature is the layout, as it lowers the cost per page and enhances functionality during long projects. Another advantage is that the C3330i has very reliable components, so productivity remains consistent since the printer is easy to maintain.

An Ideal Printer for Small Businesses

The C3330i is compact and can handle typical printing tasks that are done in small office environments. It prints documents and envelopes that have a maximum size of 12 inches by 18 inches with ease. Also, since an advanced tool is included, the Canon C333i can secure documents with a staple.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9065S PRO Overview

Today’s workplace has changed dramatically. In-office workforces are smaller, the number of people who work from home is larger, and employee bases encompass both highly trained and less-skilled workers. Your office in Denver needs a copier that can meet all of your workplace needs.

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9065S PRO printer fills that workplace void. Using advanced technology, the copier has an amazing output of up to 65 ppm for black and white, letter-size jobs. There is an option to extend the paper capacity to a maximum of 9,300 sheets, meaning that you can run a longer printing job without having to sacrifice valuable workplace time refilling the paper tray.

It’s intuitive even for entry-level workers to master. Print jobs can be scheduled up to eight hours in advance for maximum efficiency, and the operation-management interface gives you an overview both of queued jobs and all work scheduled for that day. The printer also can be password-protected for different user roles, including system administrator.

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9065S PRO printer prints in black and white and color. It can handle a variety of print jobs with ease – copying, scanning, and printing – It also accommodates multiple paper types, like coated and matte, and includes several finishing options, including automatic hole punching.

Denver is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the country, and you want a printer that’s up to par. The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9065S PRO printer is Energy Star-rated and includes an Energy Saver Mode.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5235A Overview

The Canon C5235A printer lets workers print information that’s shared during typical business projects. Under the hood, there are multiple technologies that boost performance and enhance productivity so that everyone can stay efficient and organized.

Because the C5235A has imageRUNNER ADVANCE technology, it can tackle small and major printing tasks with ease. Workers can use the hardware based on key goals since all of the tools can be customized. If needed, strategic users can take advantage of these tools on the go, as the C5235A has reliable mobile features.

When the Canon C5235A prints documents, the process happens fast. As the ink jets blast colors onto documents, everything looks professional. This is possible because the printing technology has advanced components that work seamlessly with applications in a way that’s practical, smart, and energy-efficient.

Design Specs

The process of multitasking while using this printer is easy, as it has a crisp 8.4 SVGA screen that displays all of the main functions. No matter if the unit is printing, copying, and scanning, the hardware won’t function slowly because the processor uses the system’s 2GB of RAM throughout demanding operational tasks. If more memory is needed, the printer can be upgraded to 2.5GB of RAM. When the printer must process a lot of data, it uses the 160GB hard disk drive.

This printer functions well in big business environments because the layout on the housing is easy to use. If the unit needs to be relocated to another space, the process won’t be a hassle since the entire printer is attached to casters.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3325i Overview

The Canon C3325i is a printer for small businesses because its equipped with management tools that boost productivity throughout typical printing projects. This printer can be used effectively in any space, as it has a compact design that doesn’t require a lot of real estate.

Highly Innovative and Functional

Thanks to the unique interface, the Canon C3325i is easy to use and customize. All of the tools that are included can be configured so that they’ll function with enterprise applications. Since the C3325 also has mobile technologies, workers can network with these applications on the go. The hardware handles networking tasks with ease during projects when workers manage one device or a fleet of gadgets during standard and high-volume printing projects.

A Ideal Printer for a Growing Businesses

Because the Canon C3325i is powerful and fast, it boost productivity during lengthy office tasks. The big benefit is that the hardware that powers the printer doesn’t use a lot of energy when the C3325i prints, copies, scans, and faxes documents. This is possible because Canon designed this printer with a variety of energy-efficient solutions that strategically reduce the hardware’s environment footprint. As a result, when a growing business scales, overhead costs won’t increase as multiple Canon C3325i printers run at the same time.


The C3325i performs well throughout intense printing tasks because it’s equipped with 2GB of image server memory. This memory helps applications run fast and efficiently on the seven-inch operation panel.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7565i Overview

When the Canon C7565i is used during major printing projects, it performs well because the technology is strategically configured for intense, high-volume office tasks. Thanks to the advanced systems that work seamlessly with all of Canon’s services and software tools, this printer boosts productivity dramatically.

A Practical Business Gadget

The Canon C7565i can help workers adapt to new trends that happen in the business world because it has imageRUNNER ADVANCE technology, which is a smart management platform. The other features that are bungled with this printer support businesses throughout different stages of the growth process.

During the early phase of a project, users can take advantage of the printer’s intuitive interface by using the crisp touch screen. When printing begins, the C7565i never wastes energy since it has a unique sleep mode that activates once a sensor no longer detects motion in a space. The printer also saves energy when sleep mode isn’t enabled because the hardware reduces energy consumption as documents are printed.


This printer has a variety of core functions, which include copy, print, scan, and more. The hardware that powers each function relies on Canon’s Dual Custom Processor.

Standard Canon C7565i printers are manufactured with a 10.1-inch control panel. However, Canon also offers an optional 10.4-inch panel.

Performance never suffers during time-consuming tasks because this Canon printer is equipped with 4.0 GB of RAM and a 250 GB hard disk drive. Both hardware components help the C7565 produce printouts that have a 2400 dpi by 2400 dpi print resolution quickly and efficiently.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7270 Overview

The Canon C7270 is designed specifically for high-volume office tasks, as it has tools and functions that take basic operations to the level. All of the technologies are smart and can be customized, which is why productivity and efficiency never suffer during time-sensitive projects when the Canon C7270 is used.

A Strategic Office Device

Because this printer has mobile technology, workers can print documents and files fast and easily on the go. The mobile components function well in any office environment because the software connects to other office gadgets effortlessly.

Whenever the networking tools are accessed, the system lets the user control all of the data and resources. The interface on the operation panel simple, so the process of safeguarding information and tracking sensitive data is never a hassle.

Professional Printing

Although the Canon C7270 prints out document and images quickly, the ink jets always produce bold colors and crisp black and white files. As this happens, the hardware processes everything in a practical way so that the printer reduces its environment footprint by saving energy.


The Canon C7220 printer has a function for copying, printing, scanning, and faxing. This unit can network with multiple fax components, as it has four dedicated fax lines.

Near the top of the Canon C7270, there is a 8.4-inch SVGA color panel. While the technology in this panel is in use, the printer uses the system’s 2GB of RAM, which can be upgraded to 2.5GB of RAM.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9270 PRO Overview

If your business is demanding an increase in its print projects, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9270 PRO is the answer for you. If your operation is high-volume and fast turnaround is vital, this technologically-advanced gem from Canon can help. This system has such impressive standard features that the optional ones are truly the icing on the cake.

Standard Features Include:
Booklet finisher with an internal booklet trimmer and internal puncher unit
Paper folding unit
Professional puncher
Document insertion unit for preprinted sheets
Single-pass duplex document feeder
Standard paper capacity

Some Optional Features:
Staple finisher
Memory media
User interface
Multi-drawer paper deck

Additionally, the ADVANCED PRO series offers phenomenal time-saving and versatility benefits:

• Paper management is more productive when up to 9300 letter-size sheets may be run off before refilling is required
• Paper and toner may be reloaded with no system shutdown
• Receive superior image quality via exact 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution and innovative laser technology
• Canon’s pQ toner is formulated to fix evenly and lie flat to aid in extremely accurate reproduction
• Precise registration to extend the most professional results
• Conversion of paper documents handily to digital files in popular formats
• Integrated security elements containing a standard feature that erases latent images after each job

Consistent with Canon’s environmental commitment, the C9270 PRO series is also manufactured according to an eco-conscious design. Witness these unique printers in action at your authorized Canon dealer just minutes from Denver.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9075S PRO Overview

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9075 PRO is a color digital multifunction imaging system that boasts the ability to copy, print (UFR II), scan, send, and store files. Optional capabilities including printing via Adobe PostScript 3, and faxing documents through a maximum of four fax lines. An added benefit of this model is the operational panel displaying at 10.4 SVGA full-color on an upright screen.

This device contains 2-2.5GB of RAM hard disk storage as well as 80GB-1TB of additional hard disk drive storage. Using wireless LAN (IEEE 802.1), the C9075S can connect to and from various platforms. USB 2.0 ports are available options, as well.

Users have the ability to establish up to 100 user inboxes for storing and receiving compatible documents. Advanced security measures can be taken including the ability to disable advanced storage boxes, storage filtering, the necessity for authentication, search function capabilities, sorting capabilities, and the option to establish the need for passwords in order to print PDF files.

Scanning resolution for this devices is up to 600 x 600 dpi per scan specifications.

Speeds to the device show to be up to 75 ppm for letter and 45 ppm for legal. Black and white copying is an average of 4.4 seconds; color copying is an average of 6.0 seconds.

Magnifications can be adjusted for files from 25 percent to 400 percent with the ability to adjust in 1 percent increments.

The C9075S is capable of storing up to 9,300 sheets of 11 x 17 sheets or smaller. This model contains dual 1,100-sheet paper drawers, dual 550-sheet cassettes, and 100-sheet stack bypasses. Devices available for purchase via Canon USA. From Denver, CO., to Boston, MA, Canon USA is here to provide you with any of your office distribution needs.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5250 Overview

The Canon C5250 is a unique printer that can be customized according to specific needs. It performs will during a variety of tasks because the technology under the hood powers advanced solutions that boost productivity and efficiency.

Functional and Professional

When the Canon C5250 prints out images and business documents, the ink jets distribute colors evenly to produce results that make a serious impact. Bright colors are always bold when their printed on fliers, and black and white documents are consistently crisp and vibrant. The biggest benefit is that this printer effectively prints out everything rapidly without any delays.

Benefits for Mobile Companies

Employees who must tackle important tasks on the go can take advantage of the printer’s mobile features. The technology that powers the mobile components works seemly with tablets and other gadgets. When data is transferred to the printer, everything stays protected because the Canon C5250 has highly advanced security technology that safeguards sensitive information.


The Canon C5250 is large, firm, durable and weighs 346 pounds. Since this printer is mounted on casters, it can be rolled to different areas in an office space with ease. On the main panel, there is a button for the copying function, color scanner, and fax. Thanks to Canon’s Dual Custom Processor, all of the components function at a high level. The process of multitasking is easy because this unit is equipped with an 8.4-inch SVGA color LCD display. During the busiest projects, the Canon C5250 won’t slow you down, as it has a 150 document feeder capacity.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7570i Overview

Give your Denver business a big productivity boost with the imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7570i. This multi-function copier, scanner, printer, and fax machine handles all of your paper printing and document sending needs.

High-Speed Printing
Work won’t lag while employees wait for to use the printer when you have the ability to print 70 pages per minute in black and white, and 65 ppm in color. The c7570i also has the ability to scan up to 240 black and white ppm and 220 color ppm at 300 dpi.

Easy-To-Use Control Panel
The 10.1″ touchscreen color control panel makes working with the c7570i a cinch. Customize buttons, select projects, and even rearrange print orders with a swipe. This big interface allows workers access to almost all of the printer’s features.

A Mini Printer’s Shop
Businesses can create high-quality reports, booklets, and manuals with the finishing options available on the C7570i. This piece of equipment offers hole punching, document insertion, folding, multi-page stapling, and booklet-making features. Employees can spend their time researching and writing great content rather than with the presentation of it.

Keep Costs Under Control With User Authentication
The Universal Login Manager uses authentication authorize and track usage from employee to employee. You can choose a picture login, username and password, or set up proximity cards for users. With a simple swipe of the card, the printer unlocks its functions, so work doesn’t slow down. You’ll also be able to monitor printer use from one computer and update employee access with a few clicks.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8585i Overview

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8585i is a multi-fuctional printer suitable for enterprise-level offices and reprographics departments. Its created with printing offices in mind, and can keep up with high demands. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8585i is created to be flexible and can be customized to the individual needs of the office. It can print up to 105 pages a minute, scan up to 240/220 ipm (300 dpi), and can print page sizes up to 13″ x 19″; and it can also fold and staple printed pages into pamphlets and brochures. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8585i also comes with a built-in cooling system to help maintain high-quality, crisp images.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8585i also has cloud capabilities, allowing users to print remotely from their phones or their personal computers. A user in uptown Denver could easily print their work files to their office downtown without actually having to be in. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8585i also comes with downloadable software allowing users to control and monitor the printer from their computers. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8585i also comes with fleet management, for offices that need to coordinate and synchronize printing and settings between all printers.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8585i comes with a variety of document safety options in order to suit your workplace, such as controlling access to documents via IPSec, port filtering, and SSL technology.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8585i also comes with low-energy implementations to reduce energy consumption and waste. It has detailed usage tracking and monitoring, and is ENERGY STAR certified and is rated EPEAT Gold.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8595i Overview

Does your marketing department need a thousand booklets to hand out at the Denver Broncos home game this weekend? The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8595i has got you covered at up to 95 pages printed per minute. This multifunction copier is a high performance solution for high-volume offices and central reprographics departments. Your users get the high-end professional prints they want, with the security and ease of management you need to keep your office running smoothly.

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8595i comes with an intuitive, easily customizable touchscreen interface to seamlessly integrate your workflow. Print consistent black-and-white tones at up to 1,200 dpi. Staple, duplex, hole punch, or fold your prints with advanced finishing options. Users can use the built-in Universal Login Manager application to manage and control access to sensitive information, keeping their data where it belongs.

Efficiency is always key, both for time and money. Whether you’re using a single unit or a dozen, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8595i can be remotely managed, saving your organization time. With a few clicks you can diagnose problems, configure print policies, keep an eye on how much your users are printing, and set usage restrictions to reduce waste. Plus, Canon’s pO toner and effective sleep mode features help keep energy waste low, earning its EPEAT® Gold rating and helping your with your bottom line.

With innovative features, integrated security, and high-tech efficiency, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8595i is the copier technology solution today’s advanced enterprise.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6565i Overview

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6565i is a full-size multi-functional printer that can print up to 75 pages per minute in black and white, can scan up to 240/220 ipm (300 dpi), and can print up to 11″ x 17″ pages. It has a 7,700-sheet maximum paper capacity, making it an excellent printer for busy offices. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6565i is designed with different office workflows in mind, and can connect to a wide variety of enterprise applications that allow owners to increase their office efficiency. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6565i also comes with cloud storage options, allowing a user to print to the printer in their office in downtown Denver from their home in the suburbs. Furthermore, the printer can not only be controlled from the printer console, but also from downloadable software included in the printer that can be installed on a PC.

Along with the cloud storage, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6565i also comes with extensive security features to protect your documents. It comes with a variety of options, including hard Disk Password Lock and Hard Disk Drive Erase for the documents stored on the computer itself, as well as IPSec and SMTP Authentication for cloud storage, among many more options.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6565i is also top of its class for environmental standards. It’s ENERGY STAR Certified and is rated EPEAT Gold, and uses an advanced toner that melts at lower temperatures, keeping the heat down. It even ships with lower packaging to reduce consumer waste.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF Overview

Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF is a compact black and white, multi-functional printer that comes in at around a hundred pounds. It is a letter/legal sized printer and can print up to 52 pages per minute letter size, and 43 pages per minute for legal paper. It can scan at 600×600 dpi resolution. It’s designed to create an efficient printing workflow that can be customized to suit individual worker needs. It connects to a wide variety of enterprise applications, including Oracle and SAP, to create a flexible work environment. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF also has cloud printing service, protected with IPSec, that allows you to work downtown in Denver, but also print from your home in the suburbs. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF also includes computer software allowing you to control the printer from your PC.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF is also secure to keep your files safe. It comes with a security chip to help keep passwords and other sensitive information safe, as well as an HDD Lock and optional HDD Data Encryption. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF is also designed to be energy efficient, using only 1.5 kW/hour while working and a mere watt in standby mode, with low-melting-point toner to reduce power requirements even further. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF also ships with less packaging, reducing waste and weight, and is made with bio-based plastic. Because of these efforts, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 500iF is registered with EPEAT to verify adherence to environmental standards.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6575i Overview

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6575i is a black and white multi-functional printer created for flexible working environments. It can print up to 75 pages per minute to keep up with the most demanding offices, scan up to 240/220 ipm, print up to 11″x17″ sized sheets, and has an intuitive interface that can be customized to suit working needs and simplify workflow. The scanner can scan and convert documents to PDF, Microsoft Word, and Powerpoint files. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6575i also comes with computer software that allows the printer to be controlled from a computer.

To facilitate flexible work environments, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6575i can also link up to the cloud to allow downloading files from the internet, so you can upload a file from your home in the suburbs so it can download at your office in downtown Denver. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6575i supports many different security protocols to keep your files safe and secure, including adhering to IPsec and IEEE standards.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6575i also passes strict environmental standards to reduce impact to the environment. It comes with reduced packaging to mitigate waste, and has a lower cost requirement than other printers in its class, along with innovative sleep mode features. The printer can also produce detailed analyses on its use, allowing the user to pinpoint usage concerns. On top of all that, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6575i is also ENERGY STAR certified and rated EPEAT Gold.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C250iF Overview

A C250iF Canon is the perfect compact, multi-function color copier for the Denver small business. Office managers will love how neatly this machine fits into the corner at just 24″ wide and 24 1/2″ tall. Yet, it offers an array of advanced features worthy of any company.

Multiple Functions for a Variety of Needs
The C250iF offers businesses the ability to copy, print, or scan documents and reports. It also goes further with faxing and document-sending capabilities. You’ll be able to scan a document into the printer and send it to an employee off-site without having to transfer it to your computer.

Ease Of Use
The simple interface is designed to allow users to control all of the copier’s functions from the machine or their desktop computers. The imageRunner Advance system is set up to receive and print files from your mobile devices, such as the laptop, phone, or tablet. You can even tie the C250iF into certain cloud applications to download and print documents. Employees who are working off-site can still print out their documents at the office for other workers to pick up and use.

High-Quality Printing
Print your reports in crisp black and white or with brilliant color graphs and images. You’ll enjoy sharp images with the 600 dpi scan and print resolution and up to 400 dpi fax resolution. It will print 26 black and white or color letter sized pages per minute and 21 legal sized pages per minute.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF Overview

Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF is a compact multi-functional printer designed to streamline your workflow into one effective machine. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF is a letter/legal sized black and white printer that can print at 42 pages per minute that’s readily customizable to suit your individual work needs. It connects to a wide variety of enterprise applications, including Oracle and SAP, so that the printer is set up to serve you. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF also connects to the cloud, allowing you to upload and print your files from anywhere that you can connect to the internet; so, if you work in downtown Denver, you can send printer files from your house in the suburbs. The printer can also be controlled from your PC via software included with the printer. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF also has robust security with a security chip to help keep passwords and other sensitive information safe, as well as an HDD Lock and optional HDD Data Encryption. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF protects files while in the cloud with IPSec. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF is also designed with energy efficiency in mind, using low-melting-point toner to reduce power requirements and minimizing energy use while powering up and while in stand-by mode. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF is made with bio-based plastic, and is designed to be the smallest and lightest in its class, so it ships lighter and with less packaging. Because of these efforts, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF is registered with EPEAT to verify adherence to environmental standards.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6555i Overview

Are you looking over a quote for a Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6555i?  We would love to help any Denver company who is struggling with trying to go over quotes and making sure they are getting a good deal.   We work with companies in the Denver area looking for solid copiers everyday, and the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6555i is an awesome choice for companies needing a solid black and white copier.

Print up to 55 pages per minute.  Fast, easy to use, great interface.  Robust.  This copier can do tabloid (11 X 17 sized paper).

This is a workhorse copier for offices that are very busy.  The types of clients that love this machine are attorneys, accountants, and other high volume black and white users.  We would love to help you get your next machine and are happy to quote the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6555i to your office.  It’s OK if you have a quote from a competitor, we are happy to show you the differences between us and our competition.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6555i  – Canon-6555i

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5535i Overview

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5535i is a great multifunction machine for any business. The imageRUNNER series easily handles high volumes of material. This machine produces high-quality color copies in addition to sharp, clear black and white images.

This is a third generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE. These machines are known for being durable, reliable, and easily integrated into office systems. They have secure login capabilities and operate by touchscreen. They also feature a motion sensor. The machine wakes from sleep mode without the user needing to do anything extra.

The C5535i has great features. Its speed is impressive. This imageRUNNER can print over 50 letter-sized pages per minute, both in black and white and color. It also accommodates legal and ledger-sized paper. This model takes less than 3 seconds for the machine to warm up and print the first pages. The C5535i also scans quickly, at 80 images per minute.

This imageRUNNER C5535i creates very clear images. It makes copies with a resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi. It prints super-sharp images, at 1200 x 1200 dpi. It can reduce images down to 25% of their original size, or magnify them to 400%. The interface can also be customized to the user’s needs, with the My ADVANCE feature.

If you live in the Denver area, and need a multifunction machine for your business, contact us today. This is a customizable, reliable, speedy device that can make any business more efficient.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5540i Overview

Enjoy high-tech features and greater workflow efficiency with the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5540i multifunction printer. Scan, copy, print, and fax with this machine, which has smart print management technology and a wide range of features that allow you to customize each job. With this printer, you can print, scan, and copy from a variety of locations — making it easy to synchronize your entire Denver office or work directly from your smartphone.There’s no waiting around for your jobs to finish because this sophisticated machine has an output of 40ppm per printed page and 160 ipm per scan.

It’s easy to customize your user experience with the Canon My ADVANCE function, which lets each user choose the settings and displays that works best for them. Motion-sensor technology turns the printer on from sleep mode, while functions like key repetition, voice navigation, and screen magnification lets you enjoy a high-quality user experience. This machine has a 150-sheet duplex feeder for handling large jobs, and it lets you convert documents to other formats such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF. With advanced touch screen technology, it’s easy to configure this printer to suit your needs and execute all your printing, scanning, and copying tasks.

Security isn’t a concern with this machine, because the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5540i has functions that let you set usage tracking, permissions, and authentication. Multiple port filtering features and standard HDD Encryption ensures your data stays safe at all times.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5550i Overview

Did you just get a quote from a company to get a Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5550i for your business?  This is an awesome copier, and we would love to also quote you on this unit.  We cannot promise we will beat every competitor on price, but we will beat them on the quality of our service!  We have standard 2 hour response times on our contract, no more sitting for days wondering when the copier will fixed.

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5550i is a nice color copier that goes 60 pages per minute and is amazing for workgroups.  It is a great middle of the road Canon copier, and is one of our more popular models in the field.  This unit also has a maximum paper capacity of 6,350 sheets.

We have these units in stock often, and would love to talk to your company about a Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5550i or another copier if this is not the perfect fit.  Our sales team is trained with an average of 20 years of industry experience.  Give us a call today and see the URS difference.

Here is a Specification Sheet on the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5550i – iRADV-C5550i



Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9280 PRO Overview

At the higher end of the Canon copier family is the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9280 PRO.  Printing at speeds of 80 pages per minute and having one of the best engines on the copier market, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9280 PRO is amazing for the highest of volume print application.  We are based in Denver and have a 2 Hour response time on service tickets.

We see law firms and other high volume companies choose this option.  With lease rates in the $600 per month range for the basic model, this is certainly not the cheapest Canon copier out there.  A company would choose this copier if they had more than 10,000 color pages a month to print or more than 20,000 black and white pages and also needed amazing color quality.

We love this copier for higher print volumes, and if someone is going to purchase the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9280 PRO from anyone in Denver, we believe after seeing how our service works and how little the copier would be down with us, it would be worth a call to get a quote from URS.  Please give us a call to chat about the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9280 PRO copier in Denver.

Here is a detailed spec sheet on the copier:  iRADV_C9200Srs_Printer_SpSht

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8505i Overview

Built with Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE platform, the 8505i meets the challenges of high-volume offices and publishing plants. This state-of-the-art printer offers seamless accessibility options. Features of the multi-functional printer include an intuitive interface, advanced customization, and precision finishing options.

The responsive touch screen allows users to personalize settings to simplify tasks. Scan and convert documents to searchable files via 300-capacity single-pass document feeder that can print both sides simultaneously. With usage restriction controls and output monitoring abilities, organizations can cut wasteful printing.

A cutting-edge security function named the Universal Login Manager lets businesses control the information users can retrieve. IPsec and SSL technology limits access to sensitive information. The 8505i offers remote capabilities to inspect device status and check meter readings. It’s an ideal workflow solution for educational institutions and healthcare organizations.

Legal firms and financial services will also benefit from using this high-quality, black and white printer. Not only is it efficient and cost-effective, it also delivers high page yields. Designed to operate on low-energy consumption, the 8505i aids sustainability efforts. It operates with fine-grain pO toner, which provides consistent, sharp text and images. A sleep mode feature prevents the printer from using excessive energy. This Energy Star certified device received an EPEAT Gold rating. Other features include:

  • Mobile scalability options to retrieve documents from cloud applications
  • uniFlow integration to perform itemized tracking and cost analysis reports
  • Automatic HDD Encryption function to restrict access to confidential information
  • Adobe Postscript and PCL integration to organize workflow
  • 1,200 dpi print resolution

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7580i

For businesses that do high volume production type print, but who are not quite ready to take the plunge to a $100,000+ copier, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7580i is an awesome product to take a look at.

Printing at speeds up to 80 pages a minute and doing amazing color, this is a great copier for the busiest of offices.

We are continually impressed with how few service calls are needed on the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7580i when the copier is taken care of.  We have clients who go 20,000 plus pages a month and need service 3 times a year.

This is the copier to choose if you need a ton of color done, and you want something that won’t break down all the time.  Our service team, with a reputation and track record of response times under 2 hours, love this copier because there are very few clients who are not completely thrilled with the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7580i.

If your office does 3,000 pages a month, this is the wrong copier for you.  This is for high volume copy center types of applications.  Give us a call for a quote on a Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7580i in Denver.

Here are detailed specifications on the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7580i – iRADV-C7580i-specs

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5255 Overview

Are you looking for a rock solid color copier for your business?  We have just the machine for you.  The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5255 is an amazingly compact and effective copier for any business in Denver.  Toner cartridges which are very high yield, the GPR-30 toner we normally carry in stock.  These toners yield 44,000 pages for black and white and 38,000 pages for color.  This is at 5% yield per color.

This copier has some awesome specifications, including:  iRADV_C5255_Specs

  • 55 Pages per Minute
  • 3.9 second warm up time
  • 12 X 18 max paper size
  • 3,250 max paper capacity
  • 150 Sheet Document feeder
  • Up to 120 ipm scanning

This copier is very robust and awesome for workgroups printing roughly 10,000 to 20,000 pages a month. We have service technicians who get onsite in 2 hours, on average.  We are most proud of our service team, so if you are looking at a Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5255 in Denver, we would love to chat with you before you sign a contract with another team.  We are here to serve you and your company!

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5240A Overview

Are you looking for a Canon Copier?  The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5240A is a solid business copier for those who want a robust machine.

Some of the features of the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5240A is an engine that prints up to 55 pages per minute, does 12X18 paper, can hold up to 5,000 sheets of paper, and scan at 120 images per minute.

One of the cool things about the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5240A is the fact that the toner lasts more than 40,000 pages, this means very little intervention and you may be able to go months before the next toner is needed to be put into the copier.

One other awesome feature  is the touch screen display, which makes the copier simple and elegant.  Easy to use and easy to train your people on.

If you are looking to get a Canon copier, especially a Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5240A in Denver, please give us a call today.  Our service group is the best in Denver and we would love to help you!

Click here for a imageRUNNER-ADVANCE-C5200-Series-Brochure Spec Sheet


Canon Copiers in Denver

Are you looking for a Canon copier in Denver?  Maybe you got a quote from one of our competitors.  If this is the situation you are in, then you will be happy you ran into our site.  We are the best when it comes to service on copiers here in Denver.  Our average response time is roughly 2 hours.

It is this low because we are used to working in an environment where speed of service can mean getting million dollar deals for our architect and engineering clients.  They cannot afford to have the wide format copiers down, so we have taken the same approach to our small format copiers.

We specialize in the Canon brand and can help you get the best copier for your dollar.  Canon has amazing quality and our service is top notch.  We are not going to be the cheapest copier company in Denver, so if that is what you want, you should call a competitor.

If you want fast service, and a team that is on your problems immediately, we are the company you want to talk to.  We find we often cost about 10% or so more than competitors, probably because we invest in extra techs.


Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9065S PRO Overview

imagerunner-advance-c9000s-pro-srs-color-copier-front-dAre you ready to print and copy at a blazing fast 65 pages per minute?  The imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9065S PRO may be just the copier you have been looking for.  For those running production shops this is one of the best units out there.

Some of the features of this unit include the following:

PRISMAsync 15 LCD Standard Configuration: imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9075S PRO/ C9065S PRO Main Unit, Duplex Color Image Reader Unit-A1, PRISMAsync iR-ADV C9000S PRO, Operator Panel, Scanning-B1,⟩ Scheduler-A1,⟩ Multiple Queues/Hot Folders-A1,⟩ E-shredding-B1,⟩ X-Rite Eye-One Spectrophotometer

Copy/Print Speed (BW/Color)

Letter: Up to 65/65 ppm
Legal/11 x 17: Up to 39/39 ppm / Up to 33/33 ppm
Check out the Canon Video
We work with your team to ensure you have the best unit and the service we offer is second to none.  If another company quoted you this copier and you’d like to see what our Denver company could do for you, we would love to chat.  We are here for you.  Our typical service time is 2 hours or less.  If you need the best service for your production copier, URS is here for you!

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9075S PRO Overview

imagerunner-advance-c9000s-pro-srs-color-copier-front-dHave you been looking at a production copier for your business?  We have some of the best in the market available, including the  Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9075S PRO.

Canon has done a phenomenal job with this production copier.  We have this available and it competes with any of the high end Ricoh or Xerox production copiers.

Some of the basic features include the following:

  • Print Speeds up to 65 Pages per minute
  • Amazing print quality
  • Load up to 9,300 sheets into the copier for large run printing
  • True 1200 X 1200 resolution
  • Color management with PRISMAsync includes Color Presets, Input/Output profiles, and spot color matching.
  • Increased workflow tools to get customer jobs done quickly
  • Set halftones levels automatically

This copier is perfect for the busy print shop that wants a copier that can keep up with client needs at a low cost per print.

We have technicians available with an industry leading 2 hour response times as well,  One of the best parts about working with URS is our amazing response times compared to our competitors.

Plotter Sales in Denver

oce_colorwave500Are you looking for a plotter in Denver?  At URS we sell and service plotters and have the best brands on the market.  We sell Canon and HP and can service your existing equipment with service times that are the best in Denver.  One of the key factors to our success with service is having enough technicians to provide response times of under 2 hours.

If you need your plotter worked on, and are tired of waiting, give is a call.  Our plans give you all the supplies and service you need as well as expert sales reps to help you find the perfect plotter for your business.

We would love to work with your company and we are based here in Denver.  If you are looking for an HP or Canon plotter, including the PageWide series, we would love to be your source.

HP Plotter Ink

Are you looking for ink with your HP plotter?  We are authorized HP sales for the plotters and carry parts for most of the popular plotters in the market here in Denver.  In our warehouse you will find the inks you need for most HP plotters.

For example – if you had the HP Designjet Z6200 plotter there are a ton of inks out there…

Just looking it up there are almost a dozen for this one HP Plotter, and there are probably 50 plotters from HP that are common, we are one of the few places in Colorado that stocks ink for a good portion of the HP family.  If we don’t have what you need, you won’t have to explain to us what each part is or what it does.  Our main business is plotters.

HP 771 Matte Black/Chromatic Red DesignJet Printhead

HP 771 Matte Black/Chromatic Red DesignJet Printhead

HP 771 Magenta/Yellow DesignJet Printhead

HP 771 Magenta/Yellow DesignJet Printhead

HP 771 DesignJet Maintenance Cartridge

HP 771 DesignJet Maintenance Cartridge

HP 771 Light Magenta/Light Cyan DesignJet Printhead

HP 771 Light Magenta/Light Cyan DesignJet Printhead

HP 771 Photo Black/Light Gray DesignJet Printhead

HP 771 Photo Black/Light Gray DesignJet Printhead

HP 771A 775-ml Matte Black DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Matte Black DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Chromatic Red DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Chromatic Red DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Magenta DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Magenta DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Yellow DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Yellow DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Light Magenta DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Light Magenta DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Light Cyan DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Light Cyan DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Photo Black DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Photo Black DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Light Gray DesignJet Ink Cartridge

HP 771A 775-ml Light Gray DesignJet Ink Cartridge

Overview of the Imagerunner Advance c7270

IR6000Do you have high-volume needs for color printing? If so, the Imagerunner Advance C7200 Series takes everything to a whole new level. It has been packed with smart technology, and you have customized features that drive both productivity and efficiency. Streamlining your workflow and producing the jobs faster is what it is all about. The features of the Imagerunner Advance c7270 are all customizable, and it will lead to a better work environment.

What a lot of business owners have loved about the c7270 is how adaptable it is. You can multistep your tasks from the cloud and mobile printing apps. That offers you the flexibility of working from anywhere you want, and connecting your devices for enhanced functionality. The Imagerunner Advance c7270 has also received the EPEAT Gold award. That means that they have used a lot of the environmentally conscious solutions that will help to lower your environmental footprint. With this copier, you have a standard 8.4 SVGA full-color TFT screen. You can also upgrade to the optional 10.4-inch SVGA full-color TFT screen that will be upright. To start, you have 2 GB of RAM, but you can also upgrade the copier to 2.5 GB of RAM. That’s a lot of capabilities for keeping this copier running fast.

The Imagerunner Advance c7270 supports a multitude of Windows platforms like Windows Vista, Windows 2000, XP, 7 and 8. You also have the printing a PDF file with a password feature, which adds greater security to your documents and guarantees that only the people who should see the sensitive information will see it. With this copier, you can reach speeds of up to 70 ppm in monochrome and 60 ppm in color.

Overview of the Imagerunner Advance c5255

IR6000In the modern work environment, we are all looking to accomplish our tasks much faster than ever before, and the Imagerunner Advance C5255 is part of an elite series known as the Imagerunner Advance C5200 Series, which lets you accomplish your tasks with stunning ease. At the center of exceptional productivity, you can personalize these models and create a customized work environment that promotes the best qualities.

In terms of speed, you have a lot of impressive speed. For example, for letter-size documents, you can print up to 55 pages per minute in black and white, and you can print 51 pages per minute in color. For legal-size document or tabloid, you can print up to 28 per minute in monochrome and 26 pages per minute in color. Finally, you have ledger paper that prints 28 pages per minute in monochrome and 26 pages per minute in color.

When it comes to the operation panel, you will have access to an 8.4 full-color TFT screen. The standard 2 GB of RAM also ensures that you can print many jobs without slowing down the copier. This is the type of copier that was made for the fast-paced work environment. You have 6,000 maximum pages that can be stored with this copier, and it has also received the Energy Star rating, which means that you will cut down on your power consumption. The Imagerunner advanced 5255 uses 1.8 kW, but when it goes into sleep mode, it uses just 0.8 W. You have 600 x 600 dpi that guarantees excellent image quality, and there is the ability to print tabloid-size paper. The bottom is that this marvelous will get the job done as needed.

Overview of the Imagerunner Advance 500if

New-Canon-IR-1730Letting business owners accomplish their everyday tasks faster than ever before, the Imagerunner Advance 500if is an effective copier that even comes with an Energy Star Certification so that you save money on power consumption. It delivers better productivity, and you can integrate the 500if with your enterprise applications, along with connecting it to the cloud. In connecting it to the cloud, you can work from anywhere, easily and without a problem.

Considering this copier boasts 1.5 GB of RAM, you have a lot of memory that can be used without slowing it down. That means that it can print off several jobs at once. The 500if can print off 52 pages per minute in black and white in letter, and it can print off 43 pages per minute with color. For the warm up speed with the Imagerunner Advance 500if, you can print off your first copy after just five seconds. You can take copies that range from one to 999. The maximum paper capacity reaches to around 2,300 sheets, and you have an output paper capacity of 250 sheets.

The total power consumption is around 1.5 kW when you have it turned on. However, when you switch this copier into sleep mode, it only takes one watt of power. That is extremely impressive, and it will greatly reduce the amount of electricity used in the office. The Imagerunner Advance 500if also offers you an eco-conscious solution because it has been registered in EPEAT. You may want to look at this copier because it gives you better control over your resources. You can safeguard your information and track your resources better. It puts these things right at your fingertips.

Overview of the Imagerunner Advance 6255

IR6000Having advanced design combined with Canon’s fame for creating ease-of-use printers, the Canon Imagerunner Advance 6255 boasts some extraordinarily customized features. Both workgroups and individuals will have a genuinely personalized and more efficient method of working. It makes the office environment a more nurturing place to finish off your work tasks. What makes this copier fantastic is how the enterprise applications and imaging have all converged into a single device. You have cloud printing with excellent mobile printing capability that bring this copier up to the top of its class.

The speed and accuracy have been increased with the 6200 Series, and you will enjoy a streamlined workflow that offers greater efficiency than ever before. We live in a world where we are constantly trying to gain more control over our data and resources. With the Imagerunner Advance 6255, you have the ability to configure the settings so that you can safeguard information and take advantage of better printing practices.

Business owners derive a lot of benefit from the Imagerunner Advance 6255 because of its ability to move the office environment forward at its peak efficiency. You have a lot of multitasking capabilities with this copier, and you can customize your workflow solution better than ever before. This copier is reliable, and it has great output every time for professional and top quality documents. In terms of speed, you can print up to 55 pages per minute in letter, and you can print 39 in monochrome and 32 in color for tabloid-size paper. With the Imagerunner Advance 6255, you have a 10.4-inch full-color screen that gets the job done. If you are looking for a great copier, you cannot go wrong with the master quality of the Imagerunner Advance 6255.

Overview of the Imagerunner Advance 400if

New-Canon-IR-1730The Imagerunner Advance 400if is one of Canon’s most advanced legal/letter-size copiers ever produced to date. It delivers both efficiency, ease of use and better workflow. What’s more is that you have connectivity to your mobile devices, and you have cloud-based tools that help with the printing. What’s great about this copier is the smooth fleet integration. With that, you have excellent transitioning capabilities that let you move from a single-function copier to the more advanced MDS solution. The best part is how you do not sacrifice space in the meantime. The Imagerunner Advance 400if has been intended for reaching the higher levels of productivity.

The 400if lets you finish your tasks much faster than ever before, and you can customize the printer to deliver better productivity for your everyday tasks in the office. A lot of savvy business owners have chosen the Imagerunner Advance 400if because it integrates seamlessly with the enterprise applications, and you can connect it to the cloud. This gives you greater freedom to work anywhere in the world and still have a copier available.

We exist in a world where we are always looking for how to develop better control over our resources and data. With the 400if, you can configure your settings so that you make the most of the copier. Also, you can safeguard information and track the resources used. The 400if produced professional quality every time, and the last part, “if” represents opportunity. It’s like asking the question, “What if?” The reason many business owners have turned to the 400if is because it is reliable and brings about a greener future. In addition, it boasts high quality and innovative features that make it a wonderful choice.

Overview of the Imagerunner Advance 8285

IR6000The Canon Imagerunner Advance 8285 boasts speeds that reach 200/100 for scan speed and 85 pages per minute otherwise. That is part of what makes this a brilliant copier to own. Part of the legendary 8200 Series, the Imagerunner Advance was intended to deliver a simplified but integrated workflow. With each of the models, you can streamline a huge part of the production, which helps you to maximize the profits and efficiency of your company.

From almost every viewed angle, the Imagerunner Advance 8285 does a fantastic job of printing, and the weight is around 526 pounds. With that said, you are not likely to want to move this copier around much, but it still makes a greater choice for the office. When it comes to the interface, what is great about this copier is how you have an 8.4-inch SVGA color LCD touch panel. The interface of the copier is highly navigable and easy to use. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you will not have to spend much time with the set up. It is very straightforward and simple.

The Imagerunner Advance 8285 can scan to email, which is a huge advantage for business owners. Also, this is a copier that has duplex capabilities, so you can print off two sided documents without the need for extra paper. That lowers your amount of paper consumption so that you save on the costs of printing. With the document feeder, you can print around 300 pages before you have to refill it. The bottom line is that the Imagerunner Advance 8285 gives you a lot to work with. This copier can add a lot of value to a fast paced office with its high volume capabilities.

Overview of the HP PageWide 4000 Series

HP-PageWideAre you looking to elevate your productivity on the job? With the right wide format copier, you will have access to proven technology that integrates both the color and monochrome printing into a single printer that makes print jobs easier than ever before. In addition, the faster document production and the higher quality is what has attracted many business owners to it.

Why do so many people choose the HP PageWide XL 4000 series? They choose it because it does the work of two printers in a single device, and it costs less than an LED printer. The copier prints up to eight D/A1 pages per minute in color and monochrome. The 1200 dpi scanner means that you can scan high resolution documents and have great images in your database. It makes for a brilliant document management system. When you use this series, it can make use of up to four rolls with a 100-page top stacker. That many rolls means that you are maximizing its use.

What’s nice about the ink is that you have a product that will be both moisture and fade resistant because of the HP PageWide XL pigment ink. Are you looking for a little extra security with your printing needs? The advantage of the HP PageWide XL 4000 series is that you have PIN printing for added security. Also, there is added security with the disk overwrite feature to ensure that you never keep your sensitive data on the machine. To add to the security, the AES-256 has an HDD that will self encrypt itself so that if anyone ever gets your hard drive, they will still have to go through the trouble of getting the information off the hard drive.

Overview of the HP PageWide 5000 XL


What has made this a popular machine is that you can achieve around 30 percent in savings on the total production costs. Whether you decide to print in color or monochrome, you can do this for a lower cost that could be compared to the LED printers. A lot of business owners like this because they can print from a single device for both their color and monochrome needs. In addition, you have an energy consumption rate that is about five times lower than some of the LED printers in comparison.

It only takes around 30 seconds to get that first page out of the printer, and it will deliver up to 14 D/A1 pages per minute. The colors ses in with a consolidated workflow2 about 50 percent of the time. You have an ultra-fast processor and a native PDF management system that makes everything much easier. Looking to set a new technical document standard that creates fine details, crisp lines and smooth grayscales? The HP PageWide 5000 XL even beat the LED5, and HP PageWide XL is known for their pigment inks, vivid colors and dark blacks. It brings every printed document to life with vibrant color.

Overview of the HP PageWide XL 8000

HP-PageWideOne of the fastest large-format color and monochrome printers to ever hit the market, the HP PageWide XL 8000 has a total cost savings of around 50 percent in production. It produces durable and technical documents that can reach up to 40 inches. The crisp lines and fine details have even beat the LED wide format printers. Are you looking to enhance your workplace productivity? The great thing about the HP PageWide XL 8000 is how you can start printing at up to 50 percent faster because of what is known as HP SmartStream Software. You have six rolls, an auto-switching feature and dual ink supplies.

Everything about this printer has been designed so that the operator will be freed up for more important projects. You can easily print from your PC, and if you need to make scans of a document, you can do this quite easily. The HP PageWide XL 8000 printer was even awarded in 2016 with the iF Gold Design Award, and they are well known for their international product design. As a workflow solutions printer, HP has a broad range of accessories and software that has been designed so that you can increase your efficiency and expand your productivity. Imagine earning more money because you can accomplish more in a day than you used to do in a week.

What makes this printing product better than the rest is how you can meet some of the tightest deadlines. It has one of the fastest printing speeds on the market, and it can print around 30 D/A1 pages per minute. If you’d like to generate faster business growth or print GIS mapping and poster applications, then this might be one of the best choices for your business.

Production Copiers in Denver

If you are in a production environment, you know how important reliable copiers and fast response times are to your business.  United Reprographic Supply offers best in class equipment and service.  Our service has an average response time of an unheard of 2 hours.  This means if you place a service call, practically by the time you hang up, our technicians will be at your office getting you back to printing.  We do this because we understand the production printing environment.  We work diligently to ensure you have the machines that make the best color, break the least and are competitively priced.  We tend to be a little more expensive than the cheap guys in town because we invest a ton in our service department.  If you only care about the cheapest click rates, it probably won’t be us.  However, if you want a good value and to know you will always be up and not have to fight to get a technician out to your facility, we are there for you.

Some of our common copier models we sell include the following

How SmartStream from HP Can Help Your Efficiency

HP has improved their software for use in their Pagewide product line.  Their software solutions helps to improve common problems found by most users when they are rushing to get a job out the door asap.

With SmartStream from HP, here are some of the features you can expect.

  • Do jobs in 50% of the time – HP has added some great pre-processing features that helps the job get out twice as fast.
  • Use presets rather than changing the printing elements one by one.

For production environments, there are cool options like preflight manager tools, folding accessories, and other huge time savers.

Expand what you do

  • Offer to do maps for all GIS jobs
  • Preview color to eliminate wasted ink
  • Get accurate data for invoicing.  Learn your true costs and ensure you are billing the proper amounts.


According to HP’s Spec sheet on the product, here are some of the benefits their software offers.

1. Detailed information about printer status, ink level, loaded media, and pages in the queue to be printed

2. Production accessories integration: online folder, high-capacity and top stackers

3. Multi-printer support—manage all connected HP PageWide XL and HP DesignJet production printers in your fleet

4. Visualize the status of your job through the Printing queue and Job history panel; Job history allows you to easily make


5. Filtering option and extract feature—multi-page job management

6. Resolution center—automatic detection of potential PDF and layout issues

7. Paper size and type (color or monochrome) automatically detected

8. HP Crystal Preview Technology—preview color just as it will print

9. Adjust all your printing settings per page, file, or job

HP Pagewide XL 8000


Overview of the HP PageWide XL 8000

Are you looking to accelerate the speed and efficiency of your business? With the latest HP PageWide XL 8000, you can meet some of the tightest deadlines while still enjoying everything you do. You can put up to 6 paper rolls on this copier for the maximum level of efficiency. In addition, the dual ink supplies mean that you have auto switch available for greater productivity.

Because of the SmartStream software, you can finish jobs at a rate of 50 percent faster than what you could accomplish with other printers. The HP PageWide XL 8000 sets a new standard in printing technical documents. What are some of the noteworthy things when printing technical documents? First, you have smooth grayscales and finer details with this style of printing. You will also have crisp, clean lines that help to make the printing look great. With the printing technology of the HP PageWide XL 8000, you have fade and moisture-resistant copies that guarantee your copies last for a longer period of time.

Want to save money on printing expenses? As you probably know, the production costs can sometimes be high, but with the technology of the HP PageWide XL 8000, you can cut the production cost by up to as much as 50 percent less. This technology can produce as many as 1,500 d/a1 pages every hour. It can also produce 30 d/a1 pages per minute. You will never feel like this printer is too slow.

If do choose the XL 8000, be sure to take advantage of the HP Crystal Preview technology. It sets a new standard for the industry, and it gives you an accurate representation of how the documents will be printed so that you can eliminate waste. For further information on the XL 8000, call United Reprographic for further information. We are here to help!

New Performance with HP Pagewide


HP PageWide Breaks through Old Performance Barriers

For a long time, HP has been known for reinventing the future with their masterpiece designs. You have technology that runs at higher speeds, uses less energy and it amps up productivity. It is more efficient than ever before, and it costs less. You have improved performance in almost every regard, and the quality produced is some of the most durable prints on the market. Looking for a great printer with impressive speeds? Because the HP PageWide prints at a speed of up to 6900 A/A4 in color per minute, you have one of the fastest machines in the market. HP PageWide XL printers can also print for a variety of different tasks:

  • GIS
  • Commercial Posters
  • Technical Drawings
  • Maps

With the engineering printers from HP, the enterprise has reinvented the capabilities of these copiers, and they have taken it to a higher and more competitive level than ever seen before. You have a lot of printers that promise to deliver high quality and value, but the HP Pagewide XL breaks through more barriers and offers more versatility than ever seen before. It is the best value for your dollar.

The people who might profit from a printer like this include engineers, architects and graphic designers. The quality of these durable prints cannot be argued, and you have a wide range of pigments that include vivid colors and deep black that add to the liveliness on the page. Why would someone choose this printer? In essence, people pick this printer because it is more efficient and easier to operate than the others. With this printer, you can save up to 50 percent on your overall printing expenses. To learn more about the HP PageWide XL, contact United Reprographic for further information. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business.

Why HP Pagewide?

hp-pagewide-3Why Choose an HP PageWide XL Plotter

When it comes to the HP PageWide XL printer, you have a lot of reasons that you should choose this plotter. First, the total production costs up to 50 percent less than what you would pay for other models. In some cases, the HP PageWide has savings that equal the cost of an LED printer. The color technical documents are at some of the lowest on the market. With this printer, you can cut the amount of time spent and the production cost by up to 50 percent.

Whether you want high quality prints in monochrome or color, you can print the documents at lightning-fast speeds, and you can do it all from a single machine. When it comes to HP PageWide technology, the system consists of around 200,000 nozzles that work from a stationary print bar. It spans the width of the page, and it has been enabled at breakthrough speeds. Looking for a wide format printer with excellent productivity capacity? If so, then you should definitely check out this copier.

The printer uses a proven HP Thermal Inkjet technology that has been designed for a long lifetime, and the automated system for servicing ensures that you receive consistent operation. This is a great copier for maps, technical drawings and posters. With the new generation HP pigment inks, vibrant colors and dark black, you have a top notch quality.

Another one of the reasons that you should choose this copier is because it offers a scalable performance and design. With the breakthrough productivity for your business, you will have access to one of the best machines on the market. Why does United Reprographic recommend this printer? We tell users to check this copier out because it offers the most value for what you receive. A business looking to increase their efficiency will love how this printer helps you to perform better.

What Problems do Inkjet Plotters have?

Denver Plotter Repair
Denver Plotter Repair

The Top Problems of Inkjet Plotters

No matter what type of inkjet plotter brand you might have, almost all of them will operate using the same mechanical platform. In other words, all engineering printers will have the same vulnerabilities and issues, and after tapping into the mega-minds of our technicians, we have uncovered the four most common problems. First, you have a dead printhead. After a period of time, printheads wear down, and you will have to replace them. Nevertheless, you can take steps to increase their lifespan with proper care.

In a lot of cases, your wide format printer has enough technological ability that it will self-diagnose itself and tell you when it needs fixing. However, that might not always be the case, and if you see quality issues for no reason, the printhead could be the culprit of the problem. Non-usage of your printhead is one of the biggest reasons for the failure.

The second biggest problem with engineering printers is poor stacking and paper jams. A lot of wide-format systems will rely on a gravity-fed system. When the paper falls, it should fall into the catch basket. You have a lot of technological advancements that offer better integration, but your average wide format printer still uses the drop-basket format. The third most common issue is when software is not compatible with the operating system. In that case, the manufacturers dropped the support for that legacy system.

The good news with the last problem is that purchasing a new wide format printer could save you more money over the long term. You might be shocked to learn how inexpensive these new plotters can cost. If you are interested in upgrading to a new plotter, contact United Reprographic for further information. We have the expertise to resolve plotter problems, but we can also help you to find a better machine that aligns with the goals of your business.

Engineering Printers in Denver

When it comes to the thousands of different models in engineering plotters, you have a wide selection of different choices. The varying ink formulations will differ for the types of printheads and specialized printing applications. For example, you will have a different application for art, photography, vehicle wraps, apparel, wallpaper, and indoor and outdoor signs. The ink used for a design studio will not be the same as what you might use for a commercial or industrial application. The six major inks include:

  • Aqueous Pigment Inks
  • Aqueous Water-Based Inks
  • Aqueous Dye Inks
  • Eco-Solvent Inks
  • Solvent Inks
  • UV-Cure Inks

Pigment ink will make use of colorants and particles that are suspended in glycol. They will have better resistance to water and fade than what you might receive with a dye-based ink. An aqueous water-based ink will be found in the office environment, and it will use ink that the colorants suspend in the water. You have two types of colorant with this ink—pigments and dyes—and each ink has a different property. Aqueous dye inks have tiny dye molecules that do not stand against water. However, this ink costs less than the other pigment inks, and it produces a vibrant and lively color.

With an eco-solvent ink, this is a great choice for sign makers. The ink particles are less toxic than solvent inks, and they have been refined from mineral oil. As a result, they will be less toxic. Solvent inks have been developed so that sign makers have a less expensive choice. It’s an excellent choice for billboards and outdoor signs. Using UV-cure ink, it proves extraordinarily resilient when exposed to UV light. For further information on inks and engineering plotters, call United Reprographic at (303)680-1100. We have excellent relationships with media manufacturers, and we can deliver inks fast!

Getting a New HP Pagewide Device

hp-supplies-medallionHow to Choose a New HP PageWide Printer

If you are struggling to decide on a new engineering plotter for the office, United Reprographic has put together a guide that explains the best method of choosing a printer. It does not have to be too complex when you understand the fundamental elements. The four main factors that you should look for include:

  • Performance and Speed
  • Costs
  • Color or Monochrome
  • Image Quality

These are the four main factors that you want to consider based on the tasks that you have for your printer. However, you have other considerations that can help you to decide that include:

  • Security
  • Ease of Use
  • Floor Space
  • Environmentally Responsible Choice?
  • Printer Features

When it comes to a purchase, we must emphasize that basing your decision on initial price alone is not wise. You have to look at the total cost of ownership, or the bargain that you believe you will be getting could cost much more. Also, look at how often the machine will break down. If it demands frequent service calls, you could lose money to productivity and meeting your deadlines.

Some of the other hidden costs that we have found with printing include printing files twice, the time spent on waiting for jobs and having to print numerous times for optimal quality. When you consider these factors, you ensure that you will soar over the goals of your business, and as your business needs expand, you will have the features required to continue operating at the optimum level. We must emphasize that there is not a cookie-cutter solution to this problem. Everyone will be different. For a printing solution tailored to your needs, contact United Reprographic for further information. We can help you to make an informed decision on your next engineering printer.