Overview of the Imagerunner Advance c7270

IR6000Do you have high-volume needs for color printing? If so, the Imagerunner Advance C7200 Series takes everything to a whole new level. It has been packed with smart technology, and you have customized features that drive both productivity and efficiency. Streamlining your workflow and producing the jobs faster is what it is all about. The features of the Imagerunner Advance c7270 are all customizable, and it will lead to a better work environment.

What a lot of business owners have loved about the c7270 is how adaptable it is. You can multistep your tasks from the cloud and mobile printing apps. That offers you the flexibility of working from anywhere you want, and connecting your devices for enhanced functionality. The Imagerunner Advance c7270 has also received the EPEAT Gold award. That means that they have used a lot of the environmentally conscious solutions that will help to lower your environmental footprint. With this copier, you have a standard 8.4 SVGA full-color TFT screen. You can also upgrade to the optional 10.4-inch SVGA full-color TFT screen that will be upright. To start, you have 2 GB of RAM, but you can also upgrade the copier to 2.5 GB of RAM. That’s a lot of capabilities for keeping this copier running fast.

The Imagerunner Advance c7270 supports a multitude of Windows platforms like Windows Vista, Windows 2000, XP, 7 and 8. You also have the printing a PDF file with a password feature, which adds greater security to your documents and guarantees that only the people who should see the sensitive information will see it. With this copier, you can reach speeds of up to 70 ppm in monochrome and 60 ppm in color.