Overview of the Imagerunner Advance c5255

IR6000In the modern work environment, we are all looking to accomplish our tasks much faster than ever before, and the Imagerunner Advance C5255 is part of an elite series known as the Imagerunner Advance C5200 Series, which lets you accomplish your tasks with stunning ease. At the center of exceptional productivity, you can personalize these models and create a customized work environment that promotes the best qualities.

In terms of speed, you have a lot of impressive speed. For example, for letter-size documents, you can print up to 55 pages per minute in black and white, and you can print 51 pages per minute in color. For legal-size document or tabloid, you can print up to 28 per minute in monochrome and 26 pages per minute in color. Finally, you have ledger paper that prints 28 pages per minute in monochrome and 26 pages per minute in color.

When it comes to the operation panel, you will have access to an 8.4 full-color TFT screen. The standard 2 GB of RAM also ensures that you can print many jobs without slowing down the copier. This is the type of copier that was made for the fast-paced work environment. You have 6,000 maximum pages that can be stored with this copier, and it has also received the Energy Star rating, which means that you will cut down on your power consumption. The Imagerunner advanced 5255 uses 1.8 kW, but when it goes into sleep mode, it uses just 0.8 W. You have 600 x 600 dpi that guarantees excellent image quality, and there is the ability to print tabloid-size paper. The bottom is that this marvelous will get the job done as needed.