Overview of the Imagerunner Advance 500if

New-Canon-IR-1730Letting business owners accomplish their everyday tasks faster than ever before, the Imagerunner Advance 500if is an effective copier that even comes with an Energy Star Certification so that you save money on power consumption. It delivers better productivity, and you can integrate the 500if with your enterprise applications, along with connecting it to the cloud. In connecting it to the cloud, you can work from anywhere, easily and without a problem.

Considering this copier boasts 1.5 GB of RAM, you have a lot of memory that can be used without slowing it down. That means that it can print off several jobs at once. The 500if can print off 52 pages per minute in black and white in letter, and it can print off 43 pages per minute with color. For the warm up speed with the Imagerunner Advance 500if, you can print off your first copy after just five seconds. You can take copies that range from one to 999. The maximum paper capacity reaches to around 2,300 sheets, and you have an output paper capacity of 250 sheets.

The total power consumption is around 1.5 kW when you have it turned on. However, when you switch this copier into sleep mode, it only takes one watt of power. That is extremely impressive, and it will greatly reduce the amount of electricity used in the office. The Imagerunner Advance 500if also offers you an eco-conscious solution because it has been registered in EPEAT. You may want to look at this copier because it gives you better control over your resources. You can safeguard your information and track your resources better. It puts these things right at your fingertips.