Overview of the Imagerunner Advance 400if

New-Canon-IR-1730The Imagerunner Advance 400if is one of Canon’s most advanced legal/letter-size copiers ever produced to date. It delivers both efficiency, ease of use and better workflow. What’s more is that you have connectivity to your mobile devices, and you have cloud-based tools that help with the printing. What’s great about this copier is the smooth fleet integration. With that, you have excellent transitioning capabilities that let you move from a single-function copier to the more advanced MDS solution. The best part is how you do not sacrifice space in the meantime. The Imagerunner Advance 400if has been intended for reaching the higher levels of productivity.

The 400if lets you finish your tasks much faster than ever before, and you can customize the printer to deliver better productivity for your everyday tasks in the office. A lot of savvy business owners have chosen the Imagerunner Advance 400if because it integrates seamlessly with the enterprise applications, and you can connect it to the cloud. This gives you greater freedom to work anywhere in the world and still have a copier available.

We exist in a world where we are always looking for how to develop better control over our resources and data. With the 400if, you can configure your settings so that you make the most of the copier. Also, you can safeguard information and track the resources used. The 400if produced professional quality every time, and the last part, “if” represents opportunity. It’s like asking the question, “What if?” The reason many business owners have turned to the 400if is because it is reliable and brings about a greener future. In addition, it boasts high quality and innovative features that make it a wonderful choice.