Overview of the Imagerunner Advance 8285

IR6000The Canon Imagerunner Advance 8285 boasts speeds that reach 200/100 for scan speed and 85 pages per minute otherwise. That is part of what makes this a brilliant copier to own. Part of the legendary 8200 Series, the Imagerunner Advance was intended to deliver a simplified but integrated workflow. With each of the models, you can streamline a huge part of the production, which helps you to maximize the profits and efficiency of your company.

From almost every viewed angle, the Imagerunner Advance 8285 does a fantastic job of printing, and the weight is around 526 pounds. With that said, you are not likely to want to move this copier around much, but it still makes a greater choice for the office. When it comes to the interface, what is great about this copier is how you have an 8.4-inch SVGA color LCD touch panel. The interface of the copier is highly navigable and easy to use. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you will not have to spend much time with the set up. It is very straightforward and simple.

The Imagerunner Advance 8285 can scan to email, which is a huge advantage for business owners. Also, this is a copier that has duplex capabilities, so you can print off two sided documents without the need for extra paper. That lowers your amount of paper consumption so that you save on the costs of printing. With the document feeder, you can print around 300 pages before you have to refill it. The bottom line is that the Imagerunner Advance 8285 gives you a lot to work with. This copier can add a lot of value to a fast paced office with its high volume capabilities.