Overview of the HP PageWide 5000 XL


What has made this a popular machine is that you can achieve around 30 percent in savings on the total production costs. Whether you decide to print in color or monochrome, you can do this for a lower cost that could be compared to the LED printers. A lot of business owners like this because they can print from a single device for both their color and monochrome needs. In addition, you have an energy consumption rate that is about five times lower than some of the LED printers in comparison.

It only takes around 30 seconds to get that first page out of the printer, and it will deliver up to 14 D/A1 pages per minute. The colors ses in with a consolidated workflow2 about 50 percent of the time. You have an ultra-fast processor and a native PDF management system that makes everything much easier. Looking to set a new technical document standard that creates fine details, crisp lines and smooth grayscales? The HP PageWide 5000 XL even beat the LED5, and HP PageWide XL is known for their pigment inks, vivid colors and dark blacks. It brings every printed document to life with vibrant color.