How SmartStream from HP Can Help Your Efficiency

HP has improved their software for use in their Pagewide product line.  Their software solutions helps to improve common problems found by most users when they are rushing to get a job out the door asap.

With SmartStream from HP, here are some of the features you can expect.

  • Do jobs in 50% of the time – HP has added some great pre-processing features that helps the job get out twice as fast.
  • Use presets rather than changing the printing elements one by one.

For production environments, there are cool options like preflight manager tools, folding accessories, and other huge time savers.

Expand what you do

  • Offer to do maps for all GIS jobs
  • Preview color to eliminate wasted ink
  • Get accurate data for invoicing.  Learn your true costs and ensure you are billing the proper amounts.


According to HP’s Spec sheet on the product, here are some of the benefits their software offers.

1. Detailed information about printer status, ink level, loaded media, and pages in the queue to be printed

2. Production accessories integration: online folder, high-capacity and top stackers

3. Multi-printer support—manage all connected HP PageWide XL and HP DesignJet production printers in your fleet

4. Visualize the status of your job through the Printing queue and Job history panel; Job history allows you to easily make


5. Filtering option and extract feature—multi-page job management

6. Resolution center—automatic detection of potential PDF and layout issues

7. Paper size and type (color or monochrome) automatically detected

8. HP Crystal Preview Technology—preview color just as it will print

9. Adjust all your printing settings per page, file, or job