HP Pagewide XL 8000


Overview of the HP PageWide XL 8000

Are you looking to accelerate the speed and efficiency of your business? With the latest HP PageWide XL 8000, you can meet some of the tightest deadlines while still enjoying everything you do. You can put up to 6 paper rolls on this copier for the maximum level of efficiency. In addition, the dual ink supplies mean that you have auto switch available for greater productivity.

Because of the SmartStream software, you can finish jobs at a rate of 50 percent faster than what you could accomplish with other printers. The HP PageWide XL 8000 sets a new standard in printing technical documents. What are some of the noteworthy things when printing technical documents? First, you have smooth grayscales and finer details with this style of printing. You will also have crisp, clean lines that help to make the printing look great. With the printing technology of the HP PageWide XL 8000, you have fade and moisture-resistant copies that guarantee your copies last for a longer period of time.

Want to save money on printing expenses? As you probably know, the production costs can sometimes be high, but with the technology of the HP PageWide XL 8000, you can cut the production cost by up to as much as 50 percent less. This technology can produce as many as 1,500 d/a1 pages every hour. It can also produce 30 d/a1 pages per minute. You will never feel like this printer is too slow.

If do choose the XL 8000, be sure to take advantage of the HP Crystal Preview technology. It sets a new standard for the industry, and it gives you an accurate representation of how the documents will be printed so that you can eliminate waste. For further information on the XL 8000, call United Reprographic for further information. We are here to help!