New Performance with HP Pagewide


HP PageWide Breaks through Old Performance Barriers

For a long time, HP has been known for reinventing the future with their masterpiece designs. You have technology that runs at higher speeds, uses less energy and it amps up productivity. It is more efficient than ever before, and it costs less. You have improved performance in almost every regard, and the quality produced is some of the most durable prints on the market. Looking for a great printer with impressive speeds? Because the HP PageWide prints at a speed of up to 6900 A/A4 in color per minute, you have one of the fastest machines in the market. HP PageWide XL printers can also print for a variety of different tasks:

  • GIS
  • Commercial Posters
  • Technical Drawings
  • Maps

With the engineering printers from HP, the enterprise has reinvented the capabilities of these copiers, and they have taken it to a higher and more competitive level than ever seen before. You have a lot of printers that promise to deliver high quality and value, but the HP Pagewide XL breaks through more barriers and offers more versatility than ever seen before. It is the best value for your dollar.

The people who might profit from a printer like this include engineers, architects and graphic designers. The quality of these durable prints cannot be argued, and you have a wide range of pigments that include vivid colors and deep black that add to the liveliness on the page. Why would someone choose this printer? In essence, people pick this printer because it is more efficient and easier to operate than the others. With this printer, you can save up to 50 percent on your overall printing expenses. To learn more about the HP PageWide XL, contact United Reprographic for further information. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business.