Why HP Pagewide?

hp-pagewide-3Why Choose an HP PageWide XL Plotter

When it comes to the HP PageWide XL printer, you have a lot of reasons that you should choose this plotter. First, the total production costs up to 50 percent less than what you would pay for other models. In some cases, the HP PageWide has savings that equal the cost of an LED printer. The color technical documents are at some of the lowest on the market. With this printer, you can cut the amount of time spent and the production cost by up to 50 percent.

Whether you want high quality prints in monochrome or color, you can print the documents at lightning-fast speeds, and you can do it all from a single machine. When it comes to HP PageWide technology, the system consists of around 200,000 nozzles that work from a stationary print bar. It spans the width of the page, and it has been enabled at breakthrough speeds. Looking for a wide format printer with excellent productivity capacity? If so, then you should definitely check out this copier.

The printer uses a proven HP Thermal Inkjet technology that has been designed for a long lifetime, and the automated system for servicing ensures that you receive consistent operation. This is a great copier for maps, technical drawings and posters. With the new generation HP pigment inks, vibrant colors and dark black, you have a top notch quality.

Another one of the reasons that you should choose this copier is because it offers a scalable performance and design. With the breakthrough productivity for your business, you will have access to one of the best machines on the market. Why does United Reprographic recommend this printer? We tell users to check this copier out because it offers the most value for what you receive. A business looking to increase their efficiency will love how this printer helps you to perform better.