What Problems do Inkjet Plotters have?

Denver Plotter Repair

Denver Plotter Repair

The Top Problems of Inkjet Plotters

No matter what type of inkjet plotter brand you might have, almost all of them will operate using the same mechanical platform. In other words, all engineering printers will have the same vulnerabilities and issues, and after tapping into the mega-minds of our technicians, we have uncovered the four most common problems. First, you have a dead printhead. After a period of time, printheads wear down, and you will have to replace them. Nevertheless, you can take steps to increase their lifespan with proper care.

In a lot of cases, your wide format printer has enough technological ability that it will self-diagnose itself and tell you when it needs fixing. However, that might not always be the case, and if you see quality issues for no reason, the printhead could be the culprit of the problem. Non-usage of your printhead is one of the biggest reasons for the failure.

The second biggest problem with engineering printers is poor stacking and paper jams. A lot of wide-format systems will rely on a gravity-fed system. When the paper falls, it should fall into the catch basket. You have a lot of technological advancements that offer better integration, but your average wide format printer still uses the drop-basket format. The third most common issue is when software is not compatible with the operating system. In that case, the manufacturers dropped the support for that legacy system.

The good news with the last problem is that purchasing a new wide format printer could save you more money over the long term. You might be shocked to learn how inexpensive these new plotters can cost. If you are interested in upgrading to a new plotter, contact United Reprographic for further information. We have the expertise to resolve plotter problems, but we can also help you to find a better machine that aligns with the goals of your business.