Paper and Ink for Legacy Plotters

dropsOrdering Plotter Paper and Inks for Old Legacy Engineering Printers

Do you have an old HP Designjet plotter that needs a specific type of paper? If so, you are not alone. There are many business owners seeking out a specific type of paper, and because HP no longer sells some of the legacy models like the HP Designjet 500 series, you might not be able to find the paper rolls or inks for this type of plotter. While the newest engineering plotters have hit the market and they handle a wider variety of materials in terms of image-rich and full-color documents, we understand the importance of keeping a reliable and old HP Designjet operating when possible. That is why we offer a wide selection of supplies for ink cartridges and plotter paper. We want our customers to find what they are looking for.

Before you buy supplies, check to see if the plotter uses pigment inks or dye. This is important because dye will produce a more vivid and lively color display while a pigment ink has been developed for the types of projects that need protection from the elements like outdoor signs and art prints. The vast majority of your older legacy Designjet printers will use a pigment ink. If you have a popular legacy printer, check that the supplies will be compatible with your dye inks.

When looking at paper rolls, keep in mind that many of the old legacy plotters will not be able to handle a thicker material over nine mil. The problem with some of the older legacy engineering printers is that sometimes, your choices will be limited. Are you unsure of whether a graphics material or photo paper will work with your printer? If so, consult with your owner’s manual. You can also contact the knowledgeable experts at United Reprographic for further information. We can also help you to upgrade from your old engineering printer.