How to Avoid Big Problems with Engineering Plotters

oce_colorwave500The Biggest Problem of an Old Engineering Plotter: Can It Sustain Your Business Demands?

If you have had a reliable and trustworthy old engineering plotter in your arsenal for the last five to six years, that is fantastic. Here at United Reprographic, we can provide you with the plotter rolls and inks that will keep it functional. However, have you ever considered adding a new engineering plotter to the team? A lot like how old computers get replaced with the newer models, wide format engineering printers have changed for CAD, GIS and technical printing. The needs have evolved and improved beyond what we saw in the earlier stages of these printers.

What does a new wide format printer bring to the table? The newer models can handle a greater variety of thicknesses in the material, and they produce a higher resolution for imaging and complex designs. That is crucial if you are trying to impress a new and important client. In addition, the new HP PageWide plotters have better compatibility with the newer operating systems, and the security features guarantee that you have better protection. Other desirable features might include wireless and remote printing and touchscreens. It depends on what you want for an engineering plotter, and the tasks that you plan to assign it.

Ultimately, locating the best plotter for your business will depend on how you plan to use it. For example, do you mostly want it for replicating detailed line drawings? Will your prints mostly include full-color pictures, logos and graphics? Understanding these aspects in advance can help you to decide on the type of printer that suits your needs. An old plotter can slow down your company without you even realizing it. In terms of cost, everything was less efficient a few years ago compared to what it can do now. For further information on wide format printing, contact the friendly experts at United Reprographic by email or phone. We can hook you up.