Get Fastest Speeds with HP Pagewide

hpThe Latest HP Pagewide Printers Offer Groundbreaking Speeds

Unlike the HP Designjet wide-format printer where the printheads are over your paper, the HP PageWide will feature a stationary printbar. You have eight 5-inch printheads, and the designers placed them in alignment above the paper rolls that reach up to 40 inches. When it comes to printing, the paper will feed below the printbar, and the four ink colors will be applied.

The adoption of this revolutionary approach has allowed for the HP PageWide XL 8000 to generate speeds that are more than 60 percent faster than what you had with the standard LED printer. Because of the HP PageWide XL series, we have seen how color and black-and-white drawings have been integrated into a single device. You can now print color drawings in half the amount of time that it took before.

Modern reprographic firms need to have flexibility if they will succeed, and the XL series uses four pigment inks that provide you with a rich display of colors. Another advantage of this ink is that it will be fade and moisture resistant so that prints remain in tip-top condition. Because you can switch out the rolls and ink cartridges automatically, the copier can print up to 3,900 feet without experiencing interruption.

While the HP PageWide XL printers have been the first introduced into HP’s latest sub brand, they have already been used for printing businesses and offices. One of the advantages of this series is that the printheads undergo rigorous testing for durability and reliability to guarantee that you have received the best-quality product. If you do experience a problem with a printhead, unlike some of the other engineering printers, you do not need special tools or mechanical adjustments. Everything can be done without this, which makes it better for the common individual. For further information on engineering plotters, contact United Reprographic.