Getting Paper Rolls for Your Plotter

What to Understand Before Ordering a Plotter Paper Roll

Before you buy plotter paper for your engineering printer, you should first understand the terms used in the product description. While most inkjet media brands have the ability to handle different printing companies, the older models may not be able to handle the full range of the inkjet media for the newer printer models. When it comes to the plotter paper roll and your copier, it is good to understand three main things:

  • The Maximum Roll Width That Your Printer Can Print
  • The Ink That Your Printer Uses
  • The Maximum Capabilities for Thickness in Printing

The width of your HP Pagewide printer will be expressed through inches. The popular roll widths will range, but you have 42, 36, 34, 30, 24, 22, 18, 17 and 11-inch rolls. With these rolls, you have a cost-efficient method of printing multiple copies at the standard size of engineering plotters. You will also have to look at the length of the roll. For example, most plotter paper will be offered in a 150, 300 or 500-foot roll. If you have a big job, you may want a longer roll so that you do not have to stop in the middle of a job. Nevertheless, most engineering printers will max out their printing at 300 feet, and the standard size sold sits at a 150-foot roll.

In the older version of the HP Pagewide printers, they were only designed for bond paper printing, and they could only feed materials with nine mil calipers or less. The caliper on your standard bond paper will not vary as much as if you are printing on inkjet photo paper. Choosing a paper type will depend on your task. For further information on printing, speak with United Reprographic. Our experts can help you to find the best plotter paper roll.