Three Options When Investing in a Wide Format Printer

list-147904_640Thinking about investing in a wide format digital printer? If so, you have both leasing and outright buying. However, we have witnessed a new approach that has gained popularity over time known as the cost-per-square-foot program. Because wide format printing has been shifting towards this program, it provides your business needs without a fear of maintenance or amount of usage issues.

With this program, you can use your printer as much as you want, and you can use it as little because you have not paid for a set amount. When you choose this option, you call in for service and supplies to receive an invoice for every month. The advantage of this system? The cost-per-square-foot program allows you a type of personalized service that you will never have with buying.

Among the leasing, buying and cost-per-square foot program, which option provides you with the most value? Ultimately, the decision will be unique to your business. If you have a strong cash flow, buying offers you long-term saving. If you are looking for ease-of-use, then having everything integrated into a single resource such as a cost-per-square-foot program will make the most sense. Meanwhile, leasing makes sense when you want predictable monthly payments with the option to upgrade if needed. When leasing, always choose a wide format copier that underestimates your needs. A lease gives you a wonderful option to upgrade, but if you overestimate your needs, you cannot downgrade easily.