The Latest Advances Wide Format Printing

oce colorwave 300Because of an ongoing demand for higher performance, we have seen technology driven in a manner that produces more efficient and productive copiers. Generally speaking, however, we have seen fewer advances in wide format printing because it is a specialized niche. Nevertheless, some of the progress has been excellent advancements. What are some of the latest features to hit the wide-format printing market? First, we have faster print speeds than ever before. Nowadays, you can print as fast as six inches per second. What does that mean? If you have a 24″ x 36″ sign, you can print it off in under five seconds. In the standard world of printing, that is not real fast, but with wide format printers, that is more than 40 times faster than your average plotter.

Second, you have larger print sizes than ever before. We have seen an almost explosive growth in the wide format printing sector because of a need for more print jobs that require it. In a prediction from Markets and Markets, the wide format printing sector is estimated to grow by $12 billion on an international level by 2016. You will likely encounter more wide format prints, such as vehicle graphics, special event flags and floor graphics. Finally, the advances in ink technology have led to printing as many as eight colors with a dpi that reaches up to 1,000.