Reduce Printing Costs

WadsCash-300x273When you control the printing costs of your business, you increase the profits and reduce unnecessary waste. However, if you are going to control these expenses, you will need more than rules concerning the usage of your wide format printer. Before guidelines and maintaining supplies will work, you should understand the production level inside your office. When you track your output on your plotter, you gather valuable information that can direct your printing.

How do you track your printing with a wide format plotter? First, understand that it will not be the same as with a multifunction copier. Examining the ink and toner usage levels will tell you nothing. This is largely because a wide format printer uses more toner, and it prints larger products that can be difficult to measure. The way that you track your printing relates to the square-foot measurements.

Many times when you purchase a plotter, it will feature a meter or internal software that will give you raw data on the amount of printing. Print tracking gives you a tool that will control the costs, and it gives you invaluable insight about the efficiency of your business. Most importantly, you learn about the cost of printing before you ever hit the print button. If you have access to print tracking software, this will allow you to place an accurate pricing on each print task. In addition, if a customer arrives to your business wanting a high-quality banner, you can give them an accurate quote for the job.