Track the Printing of Your Wide Format Plotter

blueprints-894779_640While you can measure your printing using a meter, we recommend using software so that you do not spend entire days tracking the information on your own. At our company in Denver, we have countless software programs available to help with tracking. The best method for determining a software program is to focus on the method of delivery. When it comes to these programs, you have three different delivery methods:

  • Cloud-Based Connection
  • Workstation-Based Applications
  • Server-Based Connection

If you install a server-based print tracking software, you will manage the tracking from within your office. This system tracks all of the activity and sends it to your printing network. With a Cloud-based program, everything will be delivered over an Internet connection, but it will have greater security because it makes use of an off-site server. While you will have access to the reports, you will not have to update or maintain the software.

Using workstation-based applications, you have two different methods: First, you have the basic workstation-based application, which tracks your print jobs, but it cannot differentiate on the types of projects. With more advance software, you will have access to accurate records, and you can track all the printing that has been sent over the device. When should you upgrade your print tracking software? Once it fails to keep up with the output in your office, and it does not give accurate results, that is when you may want to upgrade