Why Lease Your Wide Format Copier

oce_colorwave500As you consider the financing approach for your wide format plotter, you will likely run into a lot of information related to the benefits, but you should also look at the drawbacks in buying versus leasing. Look at how much value will come with your decision and examine the amount of value gained from leasing. When you work with a dealership on a lease agreement, you do not have to worry as much about changes that could impact the industry. You can simply upgrade to a better machine if newer features will help your business more.

Another benefit of this option is that you can monitor and support your usage. When you use the automated supply delivery, it means that you will always have available paper, toner or ink. If supplies run out, otherwise, you could be left without a method of finishing the job. Because a managed print provider will support the lease of your wide format copier, you will not have to hire additional help, which saves on costs. A provider will have experience with repairing and maintaining your device to maximize its value. Ultimately, you will have access to a one-stop shop that gives you comfort when you need it. You do not have to pay for multiple things in multiple areas. From the moment you lease a wide format copier, you have support when needed and the supplies to sustain the tasks of the job.