Aspen Wide Format Printing Tips

progettoWhy It’s Important to Replace the Maintenance Cassette of Your Wide Format Printer

What is the maintenance cassette of your wide-format printer? Essentially, it collects the overspray ink, and it helps to serve as the purging station for the printhead when your system does a nozzle check. As time goes on, the cassette will become full, and you will be sent a message to change it. In many cases, people will either overlook this message or perform a disorganized cleaning for the maintenance cassette.

What is the problem with doing that? When you attempt to recycle a dirty maintenance cassette, you can negatively impact the printhead. For example, when you go to print schematics with your plotter, the cassette will fail to clean everything properly. Remember: It is much cheaper to replace a maintenance cassette than to have to buy a new printhead because you damaged it, and now it fails to work properly.

In all areas of maintenance with your plotter, proper care will guarantee that your large format plotter provides you with the best performance, and it will have a profound impact on your total cost of operation. Never cut corners in maintenance areas that will extinguish the lifespan of the internal components. These can be expensive to replace. Want to learn more about wide-format plotters? For more information, contact our Aspen, Colorado, company. We have expertise that can steer you in the right direction of the best wide-format printer for you.