Need Color for Your Construction Documents?

Color CardIncrease Your Productivity with Color Construction Documents

Despite wonderful technological advances, the construction industry remains stagnant in terms of labor productivity. What is the reasoning for this? Overall, the primary reason is due to endless mistakes made because of information being improperly communicated. What is one simple change that might shift a construction company’s workflow? One of the fastest and best methods might be related to changing from black and white plans to color construction documents.

Your average construction plan gets printed in monochrome, but the problem with monochrome is that it can be more difficult to see. In addition, color printing will have a greater impact than black and white printing in terms of representation. With three dimensional printing, the translation can sometimes be lost in the traditional black and white format. Because numerous AEC companies have used BIM or 3D modeling software, printing in color becomes paramount to communication.

As a business owner, you want to avoid costly mistakes due to miscommunication during a project. Experts estimate that about 30 percent of the expenses in a project can be attributed to mistakes and having to rework an error. With color documents, everything looks distinct, which means that you will reduce search time by as much as 80 percent. That will increase learning capabilities and employee retention by 78 percent, which saves the company money. Overall, printing a construction plan in color will mean higher efficiency in the workplace.