Keep Your Inkjet in Ideal Shape

dropsSecret to Keeping Your Inkjet Wide Format Plotter in the Best Condition

You have three types of large format plotters in the printing industry: Inkjet, LED toner and Oce ColorPearl CrystalPoint Technology. With each type of large format printer, you will have nuances to how they should be maintained, but inkjets have long been known as the most volatile. With that in mind, there is one thing that you can do to improve the working condition of your inkjet plotter.

Turn your inkjet wide-format printer off as little as possible. With an inkjet large format plotter, you have a lot of liquid that is located in different parts of the machine. You may have a dye or ink pigment, but it does not matter. The worst thing that you can do is to allow for the ink to be static because this can lead to what could be compared to as a hard freeze.

On a night of severe cold, most people will leave their faucet dripping to prevent the pipes from freezing. This keeps the water flowing enough so that the water does not freeze and bust your pipes. The same principle works with an inkjet wide format printer. You want to keep things moving. When you leave it on, this lets the plotter monitor itself. Occasionally, it will purge a small amount of ink through the printhead to make sure that the nozzles stay fresh for printing.