Don’t Settle for an Average Plotter Dealer in Aspen

oce_colorwave500Enemy #1 of Your CAD Plotter: The Status Quo

Some companies live by the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While that sounds great in theory, it harms the advancement of today’s technology. For example, that idea could be holding you back and costing you money. How? Wide-format printers have been used for years in construction, manufacturing and technical businesses, but we have seen many companies that hang onto the same system for more than 10 years. While it does say something about the durability of these systems, the technology a decade ago cannot compete with the newest CAD plotter technologies.

When we have heard someone brag to our company in Aspen about having their old HP plotter for years, and how it is such a workhorse that they do not want to change now, we will often follow that up with a question, “How many Windows 2000 systems are you using with it?” The answer? Almost always a resounding zero!

If you fail to upgrade or at a minimum, update your peripherals, you have not actually maximized your investment. Here’s the truth: The older your plotter gets, the slower it will print. That will mean lost time for your business, which results in lost money. What is the value of your time worth? For more information, contact our Aspen, Colorado, company. We can help you to find a new plotter that beats the status quo and increases the efficiency of your business.