Technical Tip: HP PageWide in Denver

HP-PageWideWhy You Should Print at Least One Document Per Week with Your HP PageWide Printer

Ever wanted to guarantee the lifespan of your investment? Most business owners who invest in equipment want their equipment to last for as long as possible with as few of maintenance calls as possible. This is why it can be helpful knowing how to keep your ink HP PageWide printer in top condition. It will last longer, and you will get more use from it when used properly. Ink wide-format printer in particular are most vulnerable to breaking down.

What can you do? One of the things that you can do is to print at least one color document per week. The reason is that it keeps the ink flowing inside your printer so that it does not freeze up. Most plotters have been designed for color, and it has been a long time since manufacturers created an exclusively monochrome plotter.

Even today, however, your average person does not use the color prints. They use black-and-white printing for 90 to 100 percent of their applications because they think they are saving money. While it is true that they could be saving money, it is still important to occasionally print with color, even as a test pattern, because this keeps the nozzles and color lines clear from debris and other particles. In other words, you will have a printer that gives optimal performance levels when you need it.