The Value of a Service Contract with Your Plotter

canon 780 - m40The Best Large Plotter: Better with a Service Contract

Ever noticed that when you shop at a corporate retailer, almost everything offers an optional extended warranty? The sales representatives have been trained to offer this extension, and many times, the warranty is already covered with the purchase, so you are better blowing them off.

However, there are times when buying a big ticket item with a warranty becomes justifiable. You want to protect your investment, but you have to make sure the manufacturer’s warranty does not already cover it.

Unlike a purchase from a corporate retailer, most people do not buy large plotters for fun. Most of them need it as new equipment for their business, which is why they should consider long-term protection. You will often hear people say, “This plotter is brand new! It won’t break down on me.”

The way we look at it in Aspen, with our plotter company, is like car insurance. You hope that you will never have to use it, but if you do, at least you are covered. When you buy an expensive car or large asset, you want to protect your investment against the potential threats. With a service contract, you will be covered if parts break down, and a reputable provider will use only official OEM parts, which are more durable than the third-party cheap options. Before signing a service contract, check to make sure that they provide you with OEM parts.

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