Need a New Plotter in Colorado Springs?

HP-PageWideTime for a New Plotter?

While that old plotter in your Colorado Springs office may have served you well for years, holding onto that old technology could be costing you more than it is worth. Your average company does not struggle to keep their IT assets updated, but they normally focus that effort on the workstation, server and software assets. In many cases, they overlook upgrading their wide format printer.

Similar to computer systems, technology becomes obsolete fast, which means that it may not sustain the demands of your company as well as a different system. In today’s world, it simply may not have the capabilities to handle the larger and more complex files. With today’s CAD and BIM applications, you will have generated large and complex files, and this will require a more powerful file processing system. While an older plotter might be able to print these files, it will involve a longer processing time than what you will with a newer plotter.

Next, you will have to deal with legacy parts, which are not always kept in stock with an older printer. If your old plotter breaks down, how long can you afford to wait? If your system breaks down and requires an unavailable part, you could find yourself in a serious bind. Determining whether you need a new plotter comes down to looking at your plotter and making sure that it stays compliant with current hardware and software.