HP PageWide in Fort Collins

HP-PageWideHP PageWide Will Consolidate Workflow

Looking for higher efficiency and a more cost effective solution to large-format printing? With the latest HP PageWide technology, you can integrate your operations into a single place. In the past, businesses had to depend on two different large-format printers to accomplish a task. For example, they might have one LED printer that they combined with a separate inkjet printer.

While LED printers have become an important aspect of the office because of their lightning speeds and low cost per print, you have one large problem. LEDs cannot normally print in color, which created a need for an inkjet printer alongside it for the colored printing needs. Overall, that equates to slower printing and a less cost-effective approach to operating. When you mix these two printers, sometimes it leads to less efficiency and greater time consumption. For example, you will need to separate the monochrome pages from the color, which will slow you down.

HP has reinvented a new approach to this problem with their HP PageWide technology. Because the technology combined the speed and efficiency of an LED, but keeps the color quality of an inkjet, HP has effectively eliminated the need for multiple printers. In addition, this setup offers you the same low cost-per-square-foot color printing that you would receive with monochrome printing. Instead of maintaining two separate devices, you can integrate all your demands into a single printer.