HP PageWide Printers in Colorado Springs

HP-PageWideEdgeline Printers Inspired the HP PageWide Technology

What do you need to know about HP’s PageWide and Edgeline printers? First, Edgeline has been based on the inkjet technology, and up to this point, it uses ink tanks on a larger scale and a printhead to put ink to paper.

With Edgeline’s stationary printhead that spans the entire width of the page, you have technology similar to the HP PageWide technology. What is the reasoning for this? Ultimately, it boils down to greater efficiency because this printer lets you reach higher print speeds while maintaining a low cost in operations.

If you bought a standard inkjet printer, it uses a printhead that will move across the entire width of the page, and that will create an image, but the process takes more time. With Edgeline Technology, the printhead spans the entire width of the page so that you can create images at greater speeds. In addition, they use a technology with the fifth consumable known as a bonding agent, blended with something similar to a hair dryer will mean the ink has been dried the minute it exits the printer.

HP’s PageWide Technology was actually inspired by Edgeline, which is a technology they discontinued. Where does PageWide differ? Using the understanding of the past Edgeline Technology, HP PageWide employs what is known as anink vehicle, which contains the ink inside. With the ink vehicle, there is better control over droplet size and ejection speed.

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