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HP-PageWideBenefits of Buying a Plotter Service Contract in Fort Collins

While there are cases where buying a service contract for your plotter does not make sense, there are other situations where you might want to spend a little extra. For example, if you paid a lot of money for the plotter, you might be better off with a service contract. Look at it as a protection of your investment. What are some of the benefits of a service contract? That depends on the contract, but you should make sure a few of these key things will be included.

First, it should cover the software needed to operate your wide format printer. The support should encompass multiple things, such as:

  • Plotter Drivers
  • System OS
  • Network Connectivity

When technology changes, it takes place via the software, so it is great to have this type of support. What happens if your whole office decides to switch to Windows 10? Will you have a plotter that can handle that change? With a service contract, you guarantee support for yourself.

Did you know there is a fraternal bond among the plotter service technicians? That means that when you receive support, it will transcend the limitations of competition. For example, we have sometimes had our service manager reach out to other technicians to help with brainstorming, and they have helped us. When you buy a service contract, you have bought a networked team of qualified professionals who will support your business.

We love helping our clients in Fort Collins, won’t you give us a chance to help your business?