HP PageWide in Colorado Springs

HP-PageWideHP PageWide Technology: Why We Like It

HP has recently designed some new technology that they call HP PageWide Technology, and you can find it available with some of HP’s latest desktop printers. In addition, they plan to use this advancement for their large-format printers as soon as 2015, and it is exciting to think of what they might create. What does this technology do? Essentially, you receive a stationary print bar that will span the entire width of your page, and this will print entire documents using a single pass. That creates faster speeds and a lower print cost.

Why do we find this development exciting? Before this point, inkjet printers cost too much and they did not provide you with a speedy approach to printing that you might find with the common laser printer. With the HP PageWide technology, we have witnessed a drastic improvement upon the inkjet printer that we have grown accustomed to. Even in a busy office setting, you can produce speeds that make a difference.

Besides creating a more cost-effective printer for engineers, the HP PageWide Technology will allow you enhancements such as ink technology that features specially-designed pigments that will deliver more vibrancy in colors and resist smudges and smearing. In addition, the technology produces thousands of ink droplets that have the same drop weight, trajectory and speed to produce perfect images and text every time.