HP PageWide Technology in Denver

hp-pagewide-3Why Choose an HP Pagewide Printer?

We exist in a world with a myriad of choices for PageWide printers, so it can sometimes be difficult picking the right brand for your job. With HP, you will have access to one of the fastest large-format color printers that will cut production costs in half. In addition, you can print faster than what you might receive with alternatives or the fastest LED printers. With an HP, you can generate a new revenue stream while growing with GIS map and point-of-sale poster printing.

People in business should always seek better methods of efficiency, and with an HP PageWide, you can radically deliver a much faster product. When it comes to HP technology, it consists of more than 200,000 nozzles with a stationary print bar that spans the entire width of the page. What does that mean for users? It means that you will reach groundbreaking speeds, and also, there will be an extended time period between the service station because this many nozzles helps to guarantee outstanding and sustained productivity.

President of United Reprographic Supply, Tim Dowdeswell, says, “The HP Pagewide technology is the most disruptive and innovative technology I have seen in the past 20 years in this business.” Interested in learning more about an HP PageWide printer? For further information, contact us at our Denver establishment.