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hp-t3500-promo092015Tips for Printing GIS Files on a Map Plotter

A lot of today’s companies in Fort Collins incorporate GIS technology into their business strategy because the GIS data can be used to serve a wide range of purposes. For example, it can help with land management, utility maintenance and construction planning. When looking at the core, GIS helps to integrate software, hardware and data for analyzing, capturing and managing the geographically referenced information. Some people think printing GIS files on a map plotter are challenging, but it does not have to be.

For easier GIS printing on your map plotter, follow these tips. For example, make sure that your print drivers and software will be compatible with the company’s applications. In some cases, you might be held back because of compatibility issues with older technology. Next, preview the size of the print in advance to avoid the need for an unnecessary reprint. You can define the print settings like rotation, scaling and media selection to remove the need for a print-ready file at a specific size.

You will also want to look at media handling. When printing a map or other GIS data, how will the machine handle the paper? It matters more than you might realize, and if you share your plotter with multiple users, you want to maintain organization. If you have a newer plotter, it may provide you with a back channel communication between the print driver and the plotter.

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