Overview of the Oce ColorWave 500

oce_colorwave500Successor to the award-winning Oce CW650, the Oce ColorWave 500 bases its technology on Oce CrystalPoint, which combines inkjet and LED toner into a single process. The ColorWave 500 shares common features with the ColorWave 650, but it adds some phenomenal improvements into the mix. For example, you have a color scanner that mounts at the top of the print engine and results in a multifunction system. However, the ColorWave 500 handles an impressive monthly duty cycle that triumphs over its competitors.

The Oce ColorWave 500 can be configured with four media rolls. Different from inkjet plotters that are reliant upon higher quality media, the ColorWave 500’s print quality proudly stands media independent. Want to print a full color map on basic bond paper? With the Oce ColorWave 500, you can print consistent top quality without a problem.

What does the ColorWave 500 include that is new? You have a navigable Oce ClearConnect multi-touch user panel that operates similar to the Oce PlotWave 500. Using the user panel, you can connect to the cloud to access files or print from the integrated USB port. Owning a faster printer will not solve the issue of delays that plague conventional plotters. You need raw processing power—with the ColorWave 500, you have access to the Oce POWERsync controller that makes these problems part of the past.