What’s New: The Latest Generation of Canon imagePROGRAF

canonCanon USA released six models in their latest generation of the award-winning imagePROGRAF large format plotters. Both the iPF 780 and the iPF 680 offers you the option to buy high capacity ink tanks to reduce your downtime. You will have access to a 300ml tank, which is double the standard 130ml tank. In addition to reduced downtime, you will experience additional saving because you will not have to buy ink cartridges as often. Customers can save up to 30 percent on ink prices with this large format printer.

How did the new Canon iPF large format printer improve on the past generation? First, the newer machines can produce D-size prints in under 21 second, and if you want an E-size print, you can print it in less than 41 seconds. iPF 780’s predecessors were limited to scans of 120′ in length, but with the new Canon iPF 785 and iPF 780, you can scan images at a length of 315′. The iPF 780 will support a 500-foot paper roll.

If you choose one of these wide format printers, Canon also introduced an application for the iPad that works with the latest generation of imagePROGRAF wide format printers. Another benefit of using Canon is that you have a solid company that stands behind you in terms of reputation.