Canon Brings the iPad to CAD Plotter Users

hands touching screen of a tabletEver wanted to print from the iPad? Canon recently developed a software application for large format software that lets users print from iPad devices. The app is known as Canon imagePROGRAF, and you can print PDF data from the iPad to a plotter if you have a local wireless network. What are the key features of this new technology?

  • Color/Black and White Setting
  • Navigable Choices in Print Quality
  • Decide on the Number of Copies
  • Pick the Print Orientation

To run this technology, you will want your Apple iPad devices operating with iOS 6.1 or newer. This includes the iPad2 and the iPad mini. What wide-format printers support this new technology?

  • iPF 650
  • iPF 655
  • iPF 760
  • iPF 765
  • iPF 680
  • iPF 685
  • iPF 780
  • iPF 785
  • iPF 815
  • iPF 825

With the imagePROGRAF, the printer uses GL2 settings that store itself within the printer. However, the media types and paper size depend on the specific model and specifications that you have chosen. Printing from an iPad gives individuals a greater advantage when it comes to construction because the device offers excellent portability.