Rise of Color CAD in Wide Format Printing

progettoTrends continue across the wide format printing industry, and one of the more interesting recent developments is the rise of color CAD printing. What has led to the rising popularity of CAD printing? First, we have a growing appreciation and respect for color printing. You have a broad avenue of choices for CAD drawings with color printing, and architects and engineers find the colored prints practical because they appear clearer, which makes it easier for them to spot errors.

In addition, the availability factor contributes to the rising popularity of CAD. When manufacturers produced the first color CAD printing, you could only find it in the smaller formats. Today, however, we see it available for the reprographics industry, and the latest advances in the technology have made architects and engineers want to take advantage of color printing. Particularly the Kip C7800 and the HP have produced printers for CAD more than ever before, which has served to revolutionize the color printing industry. With color and monochrome on the same machine, you can create specific sets depending on the requirement of the task. Up until recently, you had to print colored documents on one device and monochrome with another. The new color CAD printers eliminate the need for two machines, which saves time, money and space.