The HP T2500 vs. the Canon iPF 785

When choosing a wide format printer, you have to look at multiple factors, and what works for you might not work for the next person. The factors to consider include: navigability, durability, print speeds and features. BLI Labs, a research company, conducted an independent study that compared the top two models, the HP T2500 and the Canon iPF 785, on a few specific categories:

  • Productivity
  • Banner Printing
  • Image Quality
  • Printer Drive
  • Ease of Use

hp t2500 2iPF785_IMAGE_FINAL
The Canon iPF 785 offers you a larger color gamut, which means that you can display more colors. In addition, Canon did not display the fuzziness in the line art and text that they found in HP under magnification. The iPF 785 proved it had a finer level of detail for photographs and business graphics. However, the HP T2500 printed a little faster than the Canon for mixed file types.

If you want batch scanning, you will be better off with the Canon iPF 785 because the HP Designjet T2500 does not offer this feature, and the iPF 785 scanned 30 percent faster in all segments. Overall, the BLI Labs Report showed that the Canon iPF outclasses the T2500, but that’s not to say that the HP T2500 is a bad product. In fact, many loyal HP page wide fans swear by the brand’s quality.