Reasons to Print BIM Files in Color over Monochrome

Color CardArchitectural design continues in its evolution, but one of the aspects that has revolutionized the design-build process is referred to as BIM software. This technology provides architects and engineers with insights to construct, design, plan and manage their buildings and infrastructure. The best part about BIM? You can print your construction plans in full color.

BIM also lets architects, engineers and contractors collaborate on their plans. The biggest issue that occurs in construction is the mistakes made during an exchange of data, and BIM cuts down on the mistakes for companies who used BIM. The National Institute of Standards and Technology conducted a study that claimed the inefficiencies in the building industry accounted for two percent of the revenue per job.

In addition, BIM reduces the overall project and construction cost. How does that relate to printing? Aside from the collaborative nature of BIM applications, the software lets estimators and designers operate in 3D. After you have introduced 3D, color becomes part of the equation. You can convey color CAD drawings and eliminate the mistakes in a plan. In fact, highlighting the key information lets contractors cut the errors by as much as 80 percent. Also, full-color projects stick in the memory and breathe life into the designs for your viewers. This is crucial because the brain thinks in pictures and concepts over paragraphs.