Plotters: Toner vs. Inket

dropsWhich wide format plotter, toner or inkjet, will be better for your business? To answer that question, you have to examine multiple factors. For example, the price of inkjet printing will normally be a little more, but toner equipment costs more. How do you determine the better plotter? You have to calculate the break-even point. Nowadays, the price of toner and inkjet are similar when talking about CAD plotting.

In terms of durability, toner-based plotters will win every time. Your average inkjet will only last three years before it needs replacement. In the early 2000s, people across the country purchased the HP Designjet 1055 and used the machine for more than 10 years. However, neither HP nor other manufacturers produce inkjet plotters to last that long anymore.

If you need a higher print volume, we recommend customers avoid inkjet printers. On average, these plotters have only scored a rating of 3,000 square feet per month. Operating into excess can cause more breakdowns. If you choose a toner-based plotter, however, you can print thousands of square feet per month. The Oce PlotWave 500, for example, is capable of producing 25,000 square feet of printing per month. Overall, toner-based machines beat inkjet plotters, but it depends on how much you need it.