The Best Plotter for GIS Will Exhibit These Qualities

GIS (geographic information system)Seeking the best plotter for GIS map printing? Before you buy that plotter, look at the factors surrounding your needs. GIS, Geographic Information Systems, lets you visualize large data. You will find GIS data displayed on maps, but because GIS information relates to big data printing, the files demand more resources than the average CAD file. In some cases, GIS files will exceed 100 MB. What does that mean? That to find the best plotter for GIS, you should examine the source file and the expectations surrounding the final product.

What will you do with the file after printing it? Consider this because that directly impacts the durability of the document.

  • Do you plan to display the map for a long period of time?
  • Will you handle the document in excess?
  • Do you expect the map will be exposed to the elements?

If you answered with a yes to these questions, an entry-level wide format plotter may fail to meet your requirements. Finally, you have to look at the ink. Entry-level units will often use dye-based ink, which is a watercolor-based material. If want your GIS maps to endure, you should look at pigment or UV-based inks. A great GIS plotter might include the Canon S-series or the SE-series plotters.