Overview of the Oce ColorWave 300

oce colorwave 300Looking for a great wide format plotter? The Oce ColorWave 300 offers an all-in-one device that prints, scans and copies. Designed to help business owners expand their operation, you will experience no more hassle with curled media and increase wide format print efficiency. Ever lost money to waste and faulty copies? This plotter utilizes Oce Image Logic technology that guarantees the right results the first time printed.

In addition, the Oce CW300 offers features that let you print or scan directly to a USB flash drive. What other noteworthy aspects should users consider? First, you have print speeds that reach 41 seconds/E size for black and white and 63 seconds/E size for color. The Oce CW300 will cut your energy consumption by up to 50 percent compared to standard wide format printers.

Companies often seek advantage over their competition. With the Oce ColorWave 300, you find the greatest edge comes from its insane cost efficiency, and its ability to meet business demands. For example, you can handle all file formats, including:

  • HP-GL/2
  • JPEG
  • DWF
  • PDF

It can print these files without sacrificing print speed. Reduce your labor time and cost with the online folder that ensures consistent output and quality. When you work with an all-in-one copier, it reduces stress and the capital tied up in supplies.