New HP Wide Format Printers at Breakthrough Speeds

hp-pagewide-3When HP revealed their latest PageWide XL printers at the 2015 Eastern Reprographic Conference, they made history as they unveiled the latest breakthroughs in wide format printing technology. What will you discover with these machines? They have been designed to guarantee speed and efficient printing for wide format GIS maps, CAD Drawings, POS signs and posters.

Unlike its predecessors, the PageWide XL printers use a printbar that uses eight five-inch printheads to align with the paper rolls that reach 40 inches. As the paper feeds below the printbar, the four ink colors will be applied to the paper. The advantage of this revolutionary approach is that wide format printers can generate print speeds that are 60 percent quicker than the industry’s best wide format monochrome printer. Business owners will be able to meet deadlines twice as fast. Want fast drying prints that do not smear? HP created for a new feature that allows for drawings, matte, satin, poster papers and gloss.

Over the course of the next couple months, HP plans to launch four new wide format printers. Because you can switch out the ink and paper rolls automatically, you print 3,900 ft of paper without interference. The best thing about these printers is that it improves upon the technology of its predecessors and brings a new standard to HP engineering. The wide format printers of HP have been rigorously tested for quality, reliability and lifespan.