Fantastic Reasons the Oce CW650 Is a Valuable Choice

colorwave600The Oce ColorWave 650 printer features cutting edge TonerPearl technology. What is that? Small balls of solid toner will be dropped into the heated imaging device, which will then liquefy to be sprayed on the page. Aside from the cool factor, there are other compelling reasons to choose the Oce CW650. First, the ColorWave 650 produces speeds that are two to five times faster than your conventional inkjet printer. In addition, the cost to operate a laser printer features substantial cost savings, and the Oce CW650 is a laser printer.

Looking to eliminate consumable costs? The Oce CW650 only consumes black-and-white toner for the monochrome parts. That means that none of the color will be wasted for a monochrome print, which is sometimes done. Want to create black-and-white drawings? The CW650 does not need different printing assets. Instead, it handles mixed monochrome and color printing with ease. In addition, the TonerPearl technology provides you with prints that dry almost instantly so that you can grab your prints on the go. You can also use the electronic collation to maintain the organization of drawings so that you will never have to sort them by hand again.

Another one of the benefits of using the Oce CW650 is that you save money on outsourcing. With a high monthly duty cycle of 50,000 square feet, you can print in-house to your heart’s content and print large color sets. Overall, this is a reliable machine that delivers the maximum value to your business. For further information about the Oce CW650, call now!