Do You Need a New Plotter?

ipf750-slantReasons to Buy a New Plotter

While the old plotter in your office may have served you well, the older technology could be holding you back. People overlook upgrading their wide format printer for cost reasons, but what if you were losing money with your current system? If you have obsolete technology, for example, this will cost you in time and money when it cannot sustain the demand of your company.

We live in a world where CAD and BIM applications generate extraordinarily large and complex files, which requires powerful file processing. An older plotter might manage to print such files, but it normally involves a long processing sequence to render the image. In addition, you will have greater difficulty finding replacement parts for an older machine. When a components break, you have to wait a longer length of time to replace it.

Upgrading also becomes advantageous because you will have access to the latest features. If you have been out of the market for a while, the technology has advanced. For example, you can purchase a plotter that consumes less energy to save money and access new features that lead to greater efficiency in the workplace. Deciding if you need a plotter boils down to checking the compliance of hardware and software assets to see if they are outdated.