Need a Wide Format Printer?

iPF780Why Construction Subcontractors Should Consider Wide Format Printers

Subcontractors function as the heart and soul of any construction project. Architects depend on their subcontractors to complete the project on time and below budget, so you want to increase their efficiency and productivity to improve the chances of success. One of the methods architects and general contractors can use to increase the efficiency and productivity is to harness PDF files to save on time and money. You can dispense the files to an online plan room, which lets you share the file with your subs.

You may also choose to outsource your printing to a reprographics company, but it will become expensive fast and take away the control of the contractor. Your outsourced prints will be subject to the reprographer’s terms for turnaround times and revisions. You can, however, print the plans yourself using a wide format printer. which saves time and money. Installing a large format printer in the office will give you total control over your printing. Construction work can often be thought of as a numbers game. With more bids, you have a higher chance of winning work, and a wide format printer increases the number of jobs that a subcontractor can bid for. For small subcontractors looking to expand their operation, wide format printing gives them a competitive weapon.