Should I Buy an Oce Wide Format or KIP?

oceThe Benefits of Oce over Kip

Beyond a doubt, Oce and Kip compete head-to-head as the two leaders of wide-format printing. When companies want to upgrade from an old wide-format printer, they look at these two brands, but a lot companies focus on the hardware specifications and disregard the impact of the software on their workflow. Oce becomes the superior of Kip in the area of printer support. Kip, for example, limits their device support to the 9900 models and to the 7-Series, whereas Oce Direct Print supports all the wide-format machines.

When it boils down to printing configurations, you want the ability to design queues and print with permissions. You can restrict access to users and assign specific tasks to individuals. The advantage of this? It lowers the potential for mistakes because people understand what they have to do.

In addition, Job Manager, an automation function CAD manager used to control their printers, lets administrators assign jobs and set priorities. This creates an organization at your company that will save money. If you have a pending job in the queue, it can be paused to help with a different top-priority job, or you can transfer the job to a different device. That turns into a valuable feature if you use color plotters with a monochrome unit.