Wide Format Printers From HP

Wide Format Printers by HP

Are you a graphic designer who needs a greater graphic design plotter? Over the past 30 years, HP has watched from ahead of the curve and remains a leader today. Their wide format printers feature lightning fast speeds and vibrant colors that sharpen your competitive edge and bring a world-class quality for printing. HP gives companies an affordable and predictable cost per print plan that shows they care. What of HP’s wide format printers were made for graphic design?

The HP Designjet Z2100 Photo Printer series features an affordable eight-ink printer that produces durable prints. When it comes to color accuracy, you need the best for your graphic design jobs. The advantage of the HP Designjet Z2100 is that it offers an embedded spectrophotometer that guarantees color accuracy and consistency. X-Rite, a company known for ensuring reliable solutions, manufactured the spectrophotometer for this printer. In close collaboration with HP, X-Rite tests their solutions to meet the highest standards of the industry and guarantee quality, ease and dependability. Gamuts covered include:

  • TOYO
  • ISO
  • 3DAP
  • SWOP

Want to deliver a higher standard in quality to customers? We understand that desire, which is one of the reasons that we promote HP products. HP engineering prioritizes innovation and simplicity that makes for easy navigation of their products. They have become the industry standard and delivered unparalleled value to their customers, which is what we strive for as well.